Turris Omnia Enterprise / SG1 / 2

Just realized that the Omnia Enterprise & 2 have finally been presented, and in case of the former given a release date & price tag! Well the latter, given it’s design stage, also kinda got a release window …like not before 2025 maybe even 2026 :wink:.
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlS14P_c4Q4 (great talk btw, you should really put these on youtube yourselfs)

I think it’s awesome! Finally an arm64 omnia successor is on the horizon. Enterprise will be total overkill for me, but still, even at ~$900, it’s an good deal given how well omnia has served me since its kickstarter.
I really only badly need an arm64 (pi 5 16GB like) with dual SFP+ and the switch chip on the original omnia with the turris magic. But since Omnia 2 will come much later, likely even without dual SFP+ and almost zero chance of more pcie lanes than enterprise, that won’t cut it.


I somehow miss the question or message. What exactly do you want to state with this post? (Don’t wan’t to be offensive, but Omnia 2022/etc has been discussed quite a lot in another that already)

Thank you very much for pointing this update out. I had completely missed it.

I also want dual SFP+ ports. I don’t actually see the point of a single 2.5gb port on the Omnia’s successor. If you can get the traffic in, I would want to be able to get all the bandwidth to at least a single switch (so, 2x ports at max speed). Also, please offer it in a configuration without WIFI!

I’ll almost certainly be going the Enterprise route for my little home network (10gb internally). I couldn’t tell from the photo if it was a single or double, but I do ask that we get at least 2 USB ports, please. I don’t know if the use case of attaching a UPS has been considered for this type of gear. That sucks up a port for me with a critical task directly.


I was btw wondering about two things.

  • What pci-e version will be the M.2 nvme slot?
  • What speed will be the best speed for the SO-DIMM RAM modules to communicate with the ARM CPU?

Curious abot this myself.

I thought I’d replace my Omnia + TL-SX105 combo with a Qotom Q20332G9 + EAP615-Wall (I want the NAS and the PC to connect to each other at 10G, even though my ISP is at 1G).

Pretty expensive bad idea - while I got 4 SPF+ ports, it seems that there’s no switch in/near the Intel X553s that services those ports (either that, or I don’t know how to configure the thing; PC-NAS speeds were atrocious and unstable - sub-1G -, at least on OpenWRT 23.5.2 - despite the CPU load being negligible). And I really don’t want to go BSD unless I have no choice…

So I guess, two questions.

  1. Can I expect proper 10G speeds with the OmniaEnt? Basically I want 600MB/s sustained, 'cause the SSDs in the NAS are SATA.
  2. Will it run OpenWRT? (TurrisOS will do :slight_smile: )
  3. (assuming the answer to the previous q’s is “yes”) any idea when/where would I be able to source the thing?


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Kindly asking about further details, that is not covered in https://secure.nic.cz/files/Turris/230307_Turris_letak_Omnia_Enterprise_verze_B.pdf

avaliable speed on interfaces for data storage - microSD, NVM,… - also on RAM and possible ECC - might be nice to have.

Maybe USB 3.0 is a bit outdated? USB 3.2 Gen2 possible - would be nice to have an option for SOHO use.

Can we see the new enterprise device in late 2024?


PS: Found something - Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, LX2080A Processors | NXP Semiconductors - 2016 - a good choice for 2024 systems? As there is a more recent version Layerscape® 2088A and 2048A | NXP Semiconductors with ECC…

Cores 8
L2 cache 8MB
SerDes 24
PCIe Up to 6x Gen3
DDR 2x DDR4, Up to 3200MT/s, 256GB capacity
Plat cache + PEB 10MB
WRIOP 16 simultaneous MACs; combos of up to 16x 1GE, 10x 1/2.5/10GE, 6x 25GE, or 2x 40/50/100GE; L2 switching up to 114Gbps
SEC Up to 50Gbps
DCE Up to 100Gbps
Package 40 x 40 mm, 1517 pins

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Here’s a video by Tuxedo Computers from CLT (Chemnitzer Linux Tage) March 16th/17th which has the most recent info regarding new Turris products: Powerful routers with deeply customizable hardware and software - TURRIS


Omnia Enterprise - later this year
Upgraded Omnia - next year
The small AP thingy was only mentioned briefly as a potential future product.

They still have only the three prototypes of the Omnia Enterprise, so I wouldn’t be so sure about the “later this year” deadline…

Would really be nice if we could get updates from Turris folks right here on the forum…


What is this upgraded Omnia? Still a 1 Gbit/s ports Omnia?

He mentioned the SFP is 10gig and the switch ports are 2.5 gig. I’m guessing they will also upgrade the CPU to armv8 (aarch64).

I’m actually more excited by this than by Omnia Enterprise which I think will be beyond my needs (and budget!) for the foreseeable future.