Turris Omnia Enterprise / SG1 / 2

Just realized that the Omnia Enterprise & 2 have finally been presented, and in case of the former given a release date & price tag! Well the latter, given it’s design stage, also kinda got a release window …like not before 2025 maybe even 2026 :wink:.
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlS14P_c4Q4 (great talk btw, you should really put these on youtube yourselfs)

I think it’s awesome! Finally an arm64 omnia successor is on the horizon. Enterprise will be total overkill for me, but still, even at ~$900, it’s an good deal given how well omnia has served me since its kickstarter.
I really only badly need an arm64 (pi 5 16GB like) with dual SFP+ and the switch chip on the original omnia with the turris magic. But since Omnia 2 will come much later, likely even without dual SFP+ and almost zero chance of more pcie lanes than enterprise, that won’t cut it.


I somehow miss the question or message. What exactly do you want to state with this post? (Don’t wan’t to be offensive, but Omnia 2022/etc has been discussed quite a lot in another that already)

Thank you very much for pointing this update out. I had completely missed it.

I also want dual SFP+ ports. I don’t actually see the point of a single 2.5gb port on the Omnia’s successor. If you can get the traffic in, I would want to be able to get all the bandwidth to at least a single switch (so, 2x ports at max speed). Also, please offer it in a configuration without WIFI!

I’ll almost certainly be going the Enterprise route for my little home network (10gb internally). I couldn’t tell from the photo if it was a single or double, but I do ask that we get at least 2 USB ports, please. I don’t know if the use case of attaching a UPS has been considered for this type of gear. That sucks up a port for me with a critical task directly.