Turris Omnia, Double NAT and Public IP


I failed configuring my TO for my home network…

I have a public static IP which provider’s router (integrated in the “radio” and generally beyond my control) forwards to a given IP from a private range (192.168.10.x). WAN interface of my TO is statically assigned the same address and provides connectivity to “end devices” using another private range (192.168.1.x). The provider’s access point and my TO are the only devices on 192.168.10.x network.

To enable routing between these private networks, I added a static route from LAN/ -> my provider’s router/gateway So far so good, even VPN to my employer’s network works properly.

I also want to access a HTTP server running on a Raspberry let’s say on port 1800 (LAN, ie 192.168.1.x) from the Internet. That’s why I added a port forwarding rule “any host in wan via any router ip port 2800” to RPi IP port 1800 in LAN. However, to no avail. RPi is visible in LAN (at port 1800) but not from the Internet at 2800 (tested using some public proxy).

What I made improperly? Any other hint?


OpenWRT 15.0.5, T-OS 3:9.2