Turris omnia dhcp not working sometimes

Sometimes my PC network gets IP addresses from the turris omnia but often they get no IP address and I have to disable and then enable dhcp via reforis to get it working.

os version 6.4.4
kernel version 5.15.135

Normally step one in troubleshooting issues like this are to ssh to the router line and running logread when you’re having an issue.

Maybe something like:

logread -f | grep dnsmasq

-f - follow
| grep dnsmasq - pipe the output to grep and look for dnsmasq

The issue may become obvious once you do that. If not, post some output here.

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The problem seems to have gone after deleting entries in the static leases file.

Actually I also experienced this problem.

My father is complaining somethimes that “There is no wifi”

And indeed his older phone is constantly asking for DHCPREQUEST and router sends DHCPOFFER but the phone is in a loop of getting IP and never connects.

I believe the problem appears only when there is lots of devices in the network.

Normally when there is few devices its fine.

Restarting dnsmasq is not enough. But restarting router helps

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