Turris Omnia Case

Does the case have opening/holes to let cables out?

For example"
Can I connect a serial cable or a pin header flat cable and then keep the case close?
Does it have pre-drilled hole for extra pigtail antenna?

I would be nice to keep the case closed while doing GPIO/serial debugging.



I think that whole top cover will be somehow easily removable:) (something like on this prototype pic: http://i.iinfo.cz/images/604/omnia.jpg)



I would like to see similar holes as routerboard for wall mount.

As for the box, we are still working on the design, so nothing is final yet. We would definitely want to have a “hackable” box with support for easy opening, holes for extra wires etc. The challenge is how to make it functional, good looking and not prohibitively expensive to manufacture at the same time.

As for wall mount holes, there will definitely be some.

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Any 3D model for 3D printer?
I would rather buy only the board and make a case myself.

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Idea for next strech goal is second bigger case for NAS as option, while the development of the metal case is not as costly.
As I wrote here: http://www.root.cz/clanky/turris-omnia-kov-ci-nekov-to-je-to-oc-jde/nazory/717624/

I would like to see the hacker pack too.
I don’t like the idea of having an opening on the top, I think one of the side panels are better for it.

I would imagine a 20 pin connector on a side and the serial console on a female micro usb connector.
Almost every one has a micro usb cable.
Instead of connecting a cable through an opening into 4 pins, the usb port would be a cleaner solution.

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Will have Turris omnia prepared mount holes for LTE antenas in standard case? I plan to buy LTE modem in future.
Metal case 1 (in new design all five mount holes are on back side? or exists variant of case for LTE and nonLTE version?)
Metal case 2 (in prototype are two additional mount holes on left and right side)

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