Turris Omnia (board only)

Let me start by saying i LOVE your router!
On the indigogo campain you offer a “Turris Omnia (board only)” version. I have a few questions on that topic.
What type of power supply is needed for the Turris Omnia?
What are the physical Dimensions? So I can design a Case to Lasercut.
When will there be a decision which wifi cards will make it in the final router?

thanks in advance

Thanks for your support! I’d recommend 12V DC power supply with at least 2A. Dimensions of the PCB are 180 mm x 130 mm. I hope that we will release more info about wifi cards in January.

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does it support wide power input (like 24V)?

Hello there, any new info regarding that?

No. Although there is some tolerance for the input voltage, 12V power supply should be used only.

Please , what is size of original cooler for turis omnia procesor? And which conector is used to power suply ?
2.1mm / 5.5mm ? Thank for answer.

How to offer “Turris Omnia (board only)” version ? I can not find the link on the indiegogo?

The board only and no-wifi versions were removed and are no longer available. This was based on nearly no demand for them.

On “turris board only” is only cube of aluminium like the heatsink. I want to know if this heatsink is only temporary heatsink or if i can use it for 24/7 working. What is dimension of cooler from box version.

Second question:
Are there some progress in lasercut / 3D print of turris box ?

Anyone in need for an original case:

I worry about overheat of board only version of Omnia, so I create “Alu plate” (about 2mm thickness) and thru distance 6x (plastic) “place over board” (contacted with alu on cpu !).
Drawing for holes (all in mm) (from 3D models of board ) :