Turris Omnia availability?


I’m wondering where I can get another Turris Omnia. I’ve had a Omnia since 2016 and it’s probably the best router I’ve ever owned. I want a second one, particularly because I want to bridge my network over to a remote location over fiber, so I need a compact router with wifi built-in with an SFP port. (I could get a normal switch with SFP and a separate wireless router, but that seems silly as the remote location is a rather small office.)

So what are my options?

I’m in Canada, so it seems I can only get the device from Amazon.com, where the device is back-ordered, and that’s assuming I’d be allowed to order from .com in the first place… On amazon.ca, the only “turris omnia” thing is this weird thermometer, go figure.

Alternatively, is there something like the Turris Omnia out there? Basic spec is a gigabit switch with WiFi and a SFP slot, obviously with full OpenWRT support. :slight_smile: The OpenWRT ToH page about this certainly isn’t too encouraging… :confused: The ten64 maybe?

Or maybe I should just give up and use a switch / AP combo instead?


Take your time to search for and buy Omnia and join the club of dual Omnia setup :laughing:

IIRC Discomp also ships internationally: https://www.discomp.cz
but others will probably know better than me.

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