Turris Omnia as VPN router and HW Killswitch

I am coming from the vilfo software/ VPN router.
Their software is pretty much made for connecting to VPN services easy.
I have not seen the Omnia Software yet…but I assume…it is not as easy to connect…
you have to pretty much do it the old school way with entering manual IP etc ?
most VPN services have their own client… but I guess most of them offer openvpn option too…

Anyway the biggest Selling point of the Vilfo was a hardware kill switch if VPN goes offline…
is there possible in some what easy way to activate kill switch for this on omnia ?

I know Omnia is not marketed as an VPN router… I would however hope in future OS updates that they do maybe a better VPN manager to add VPN servies easy… using just login credentials

I know a plenty of people thing it is meaningless with VPN… sure more and more traffic today is HTTPS… and also encrypted DNS…but there is still a lot of leakage since not 100% is encrypted…
All states in EU are forced to use data colelction and save meta data up to 2 years. I have ever since that law used VPN and I will always do. I will not use internet ever without a VPN.

Fortunately it is not sponsored as a VPN router and I believe and hope that the project will never be directed in that direction.
Having said that, Turris OS is a patchset on OpeWRT, so it’s very similar to OpenWRT and you will have to tweak enough with the configuration files. However, based on the VPN service you use, there are step by step guides on the internet on how to set up such a service with OpenWRT (which in most cases should work). What service do you use?

not sure how that is implemented in hardware, all I have ever coma across is a kill switch implemented as script by userland.

There are tutorials in the public domain for such scripting, not particular for TOS or OpenWrt.

One userland that is available on both aforementioned OS is vpn-policy-routing which provides a kill switch via build-in script.

Kill switch is implemented via software on Turris Omnia. However, depending on the service used, the guides also include the kill-switch function for the services that support it.

This may be an alternative, which was primarily created to manage traffic routing in the tunnel and outside the VPN tunnel, but in my experience it is not 100% reliable. Better to follow what is suggested by the service provider.

I use ovpn since many years back. its most transperent and trusthworthy vpn provider for many reasons. They have raid proof hardware… in case of a police raid… there is no storage in the servers so when they unplug the plug all data is lost…

They also have monthly reports of how many DCMA/police reports they get…
I know in the end you have to put the trust somewhere… and for it is kind of obvious this is service is on our side… by philosophy. Ofc… there is probably more hardcore ways ofc…for me ovpn is enough…they don’t save any logs… but yeah you put a lot of trust in them…but…it is kind of obvious they do not corporate with police or any one… the simple answer they give out every time is we do not save any logs so there is no logs to give out… .

This and all that follows is irrelevant to the question.

Above the official guide of the service you use and it probably also works on Turris Omnia. I have not read in detail. You can contact the company directly to ask if the kill-switch is included in this configuration or if there is a way to implement it.