Turris Omnia and Telit LM960

Hello there, I have question that some of you folks might be able to help me with. I just bought a Turris Omnia and a LM960 LTE card. How to I get the LTE card to work with the router? When I installed the LTE card the router does not recognize it. I know that the golden orb firmware works on the turris and works with the LM960, but if would rather stay with the factory os. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

the modem will not be recognized because it uses USB3.0 which uses the same pair of wires as the PCIe line. To put it into operation right in omnia, you need to stick these pins so they don’t have a contact (the modem will switch to USB 2.0 mode). I suppose you want to use the full speed of the modem and therefore I would recommend using an external box that connects via USB 3.0. I am afraid that overheating may occur when used directly in Omnia, and the heat sink will need to be used similarly to the modem’s instruction manual from the campaign. https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/lte_modem_install

Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea where i could find a usb 3 to Mini PCIe adapter? After reading your post I looked all over but all I can find is USB 2 versions and that would put me back in the exact problem having if I covered the pins on the modem to use in the turris.

There is no such thing as, for example, this reduction is https://techship.com/products/minipcie-to-usb31-adapter-dual-sim-slots/ unfortunately I have not found another one that would be in a neat box.

Ok Thank you very much, I looked on that site and did not see that. A box can be made.

I now have a another question. I bought a mPCIe to usb 2 adapter. When I took the modem out and put it in the adapter, the modem works when put in the usb 3 port. So it works in a usb2 adapter, but not directly in the router because the modem is usb3?

Also I forgot a friend of mine has the same modem in a much cheaper router and it’s in the mPCIe slot and it works. So to say that it’s a usb3 device and it won’t work in the turris seams wrong if it works in a cheaper router with no problems.

the modem will not be recognized because it uses USB3.0 which uses the same pair of wires as the PCIe line.

@Jan.H Can you please advise if this is still a case for 2020 Omnia? And something like this would be appropriate to make it working?

Also, can you tell which two pins would need to be covered to get it working in USB 2.0 mode? I live in a rural area and I’m won’t be getting anywhere close to 480mbit limit for USB 2.0 even in 5x CA on proper antennas.

Yes, this applies to all Turris Omnia routers. About the adapter, you will need to give it try. I don’t think that I have a one to test it, but the question should be why it shouldn’t work.

More details can be found e.g. here:

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