Turris Omnia Administration Unavailable After Update

I have recently bought Turris Omnia 2020. I went through the wizard settings and everything seems to be just fine. However, after a minute the Omnia performed SW update and since that, it was unreachable though the web interface and SSH. The original OS version is:

Device Turris Omnia
Serial number 61203284703
Turris OS version 4.0.1
Kernel version 4.14.148

Here is nmap output after the update:

$ nmap
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2021-08-04 23:24 CEST
Nmap scan report for _gateway (
Host is up (0.00050s latency).
Not shown: 999 closed ports
53/tcp open  domain

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 40.05 seconds

I have reverted the update and try to perform it manually in SSH with the command switch-branch hbs, but the result is same (see log below). What am I doing wrong or is this some kind of bug in updater?

Here are the output:

BusyBox v1.28.4 () built-in shell (ash)

      ______                _         ____  _____
     /_  __/_  ____________(_)____   / __ \/ ___/
      / / / / / / ___/ ___/ / ___/  / / / /\__
     / / / /_/ / /  / /  / (__  )  / /_/ /___/ /
    /_/  \__,_/_/  /_/  /_/____/   \____//____/

 TurrisOS 4.0.1, Turris Omnia
root@turris:~# switch-branch hbs
+ uci set 'updater.turris=turris'
+ false
+ uci set 'updater.turris.mode=branch'
+ uci set 'updater.turris.branch=hbs'
+ uci commit updater.turris
+ false
+ sed -i 's#https://repo\.turris\.cz/.*/\([^/]*\)/packages/#https://repo\.turris\.cz/hbs/\1/packages/#' /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
+ false
+ updater_args=
+ config_get_bool updater_approvals autorun approvals 0
+ local _tmp
+ config_get _tmp autorun approvals 0
+ eval export -n -- '_tmp=${CONFIG_autorun_approvals:-${4}}'
+ export -n -- '_tmp=1'
+ _tmp=1
+ export -n 'updater_approvals=1'
+ '[' 1 '=' 1 ]
+ pkgupdate --reinstall-all
INFO:Target Turris OS: 5.2.4
WARN:There's no extra option condition for a install
INFO:Queue install of libgcc/core/7.5.0-2
INFO:Queue install of libc/core/1.1.24-2
INFO:Queue install of libubox/base/2020-05-25-66195aee-1
INFO:Queue install of libuci/base/2019-09-01-415f9e48-4
INFO:Queue install of uci/base/2019-09-01-415f9e48-4
INFO:Queue install of ca-certificates/base/20200601-1
INFO:Queue install of libopenssl/base/1.1.1k-1
INFO:Queue install of libexpat/packages/2.2.9-1
INFO:Queue install of libbz2/base/1.0.8-1
INFO:Queue install of libpthread/core/1.1.24-2
INFO:Queue install of liblzma/packages/5.2.5-1
INFO:Queue install of zlib/base/1.2.11-3
INFO:Queue install of libarchive/packages/3.4.2-1
INFO:Queue install of liburiparser/turrispackages/0.9.4-2
INFO:Queue install of ca-bundle/base/20200601-1
INFO:Queue install of libcurl/base/7.66.0-3
INFO:Queue install of libevent2/base/2.1.11-1
INFO:Queue install of liblua/base/5.1.5-3
INFO:Queue install of libuci-lua/base/2019-09-01-415f9e48-4
INFO:Queue install of updater-ng/turrispackages/69.1.3-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-updater-v65.0-alternatives-update/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of librt/core/1.1.24-2
INFO:Queue install of libuuid/base/2.34-1
INFO:Queue install of libffi/packages/3.3-2
INFO:Queue install of python3-base/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-light/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-logging/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-multiprocessing/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of resolver-conf/turrispackages/0.0.2-13
INFO:Queue install of fix-dns-forward-quad9-split/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-edns-buffer-size/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of lua/base/5.1.5-3
INFO:Queue install of luasocket/packages/3.0-rc1-20130909-5
INFO:Queue install of json4lua/packages/0.9.54-1
INFO:Queue install of pkglists/turrispackages/1.6.3-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-pkglists-options/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-updater-rm-log/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of liblzo/base/2.10-2
INFO:Queue install of libblkid/base/2.34-1
INFO:Queue install of libattr/packages/2.4.48-1
INFO:Queue install of btrfs-progs/packages/5.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libsmartcols/base/2.34-1
INFO:Queue install of libmount/base/2.34-1
INFO:Queue install of mount-utils/base/2.34-1
INFO:Queue install of cert-backup-btrfs/turrispackages/14-2
INFO:Queue install of cert-backup/turrispackages/14-2
INFO:Queue install of cronie/turrispackages/1.5.5-6
INFO:Queue install of bzip2/base/1.0.8-1
INFO:Queue install of libacl/packages/2.2.53-1
INFO:Queue install of xz-utils/packages/5.2.5-1
INFO:Queue install of xz/packages/5.2.5-1
INFO:Queue install of tar/packages/1.32-1
INFO:Queue install of schnapps/turrispackages/2.6.4-1
INFO:Queue install of libjson-c/base/0.12.1-3.1
INFO:Queue install of libblobmsg-json/base/2020-05-25-66195aee-1
INFO:Queue install of jshn/base/2020-05-25-66195aee-1
INFO:Queue install of ubusd/base/2019-12-27-041c9d1c-1
INFO:Queue install of libubus/base/2019-12-27-041c9d1c-1
INFO:Queue install of ubus/base/2019-12-27-041c9d1c-1
INFO:Queue install of libnl-tiny/base/0.1-5
INFO:Queue install of netifd/base/2021-01-09-753c351b-2
INFO:Queue install of dnssec-rootkey/turrispackages/0.0.2-1
INFO:Queue install of libldns/packages/1.7.0-5
INFO:Queue install of libunbound/turrispackages/1.13.1-4
INFO:Queue install of libatsha204/turrispackages/29.2-4
INFO:Queue install of crypto-wrapper/turrispackages/0.4-2
INFO:Queue install of python3-asyncio/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-lzma/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libxml2/packages/2.9.9-3
INFO:Queue install of libdb47/packages/
INFO:Queue install of python3-dbm/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-pydoc/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-email/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-cgi/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-cgitb/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-urllib/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-openssl/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-distutils/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-xml/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libsqlite3/packages/3310100-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-sqlite3/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libgdbm/packages/1.11-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-gdbm/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-codecs/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-decimal/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-ctypes/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of terminfo/base/6.1-5
INFO:Queue install of libncurses/base/6.1-5
INFO:Queue install of python3-ncurses/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-unittest/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3/packages/3.7.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-pkg-resources/packages/47.1.0-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-setuptools/packages/47.1.0-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-ubus/turrispackages/0.1-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of python3-text-unidecode/packages/1.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-slugify/packages/3.0.3-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libopenssl-conf/base/1.1.1k-1
INFO:Queue install of openssl-util/base/1.1.1k-1
INFO:Queue install of turris-cagen/turrispackages/6-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-paho-mqtt/packages/1.5.1-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libcares/packages/1.15.0-4
INFO:Queue install of libmosquitto-ssl/packages/1.6.15-1
INFO:Queue install of mosquitto-client-ssl/packages/1.6.15-1
INFO:Queue install of libcap/packages/2.27-1
INFO:Queue install of libwebsockets-openssl/packages/3.1.0-1
INFO:Queue install of mosquitto-ssl/packages/1.6.15-1
INFO:Queue install of fosquitto/turrispackages/21-1
INFO:Queue install of kernel/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-ipt/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-reject/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-core/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-raw/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-conntrack/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-conntrack/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of libxtables/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of libip6tc/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of libip4tc/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of iptables/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of iptables-mod-conntrack-extra/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-ipopt/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of iptables-mod-ipopt/core/1.8.3-1
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ifb/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-sched-cake/core/4.14.236+2019-03-12-057c7388-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-sched-core/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of libmnl/base/1.0.4-2
INFO:Queue install of libintl-full/base/
INFO:Queue install of libelf/base/0.177-1
INFO:Queue install of tc/base/5.0.0-2.1
INFO:Queue install of sqm-scripts/packages/1.4.0-2
INFO:Queue install of l10n-supported/turrispackages/1.3.1-1
INFO:Queue install of gettext-tools/base/
INFO:Queue install of create_notification/turrispackages/61.5-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-six/packages/1.13.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-ply/packages/3.11-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-pycparser/packages/2.20-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-cffi/packages/1.13.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-cryptography/packages/2.8-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-certifi/packages/2019.11.28-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-urllib3/packages/1.25.10-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-idna/packages/2.9-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-chardet/packages/3.0.4-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of python3-requests/packages/2.23.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of sentinel-certgen/turrispackages/6.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of libatomic/core/7.5.0-2
INFO:Queue install of libgmp/base/6.1.2-2
INFO:Queue install of libnettle/base/3.5.1-1
INFO:Queue install of libgnutls/packages/3.6.15-2
INFO:Queue install of msmtp/packages/1.8.15-1
INFO:Queue install of at/packages/3.1.23-2
INFO:Queue install of user-notify/turrispackages/61.5-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-distro/packages/1.5.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-uci/packages/0.8.1-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of updater-supervisor/turrispackages/1.4.3-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of coreutils/packages/8.30-2
INFO:Queue install of coreutils-base64/packages/8.30-2
INFO:Queue install of turris-maintain/turrispackages/11-1
INFO:Queue install of turrishw/turrispackages/0.5.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-more-itertools/packages/7.2.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-zipp/packages/0.6.0-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of python3-importlib-metadata/packages/1.5.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-pyrsistent/packages/0.15.3-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-attrs/packages/19.3.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-jsonschema/packages/3.2.0-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of foris-schema/turrispackages/0.7.1-3.7-3
INFO:Queue install of python3-ifaddr/packages/0.1.7-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-zeroconf/packages/0.28.0-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of python3-pbkdf2/turrispackages/1.3-3.7-4
INFO:Queue install of python3-prctl/turrispackages/1.7-3.7-2
INFO:Queue install of foris-controller-app/turrispackages/1.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of foris-client/turrispackages/1.0.3-3.7-3
INFO:Queue install of foris-controller-hotplug/turrispackages/1.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of foris-controller/turrispackages/1.2-3.7-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-config-foris-restore/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-uboot-env-reset/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of uboot-envtools/core/2018.03-4
INFO:Queue install of fix-corrupted-contract-by-rescue/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-cleanup-cert-backup/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of cgi-io/packages/19
INFO:Queue install of rpcd/base/2020-05-26-67c8a3fd-1
INFO:Queue install of rpcd-mod-luci/luci/20201107
INFO:Queue install of rpcd-mod-file/base/2020-05-26-67c8a3fd-1
INFO:Queue install of liblucihttp/luci/2019-07-05-a34a17d5-1
INFO:Queue install of liblucihttp-lua/luci/2019-07-05-a34a17d5-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-jsonc/luci/git-21.189.23240-7b931da-1
INFO:Queue install of libubus-lua/base/2019-12-27-041c9d1c-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-ip/luci/git-21.189.23240-7b931da-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-lib-nixio/luci/git-21.189.23240-7b931da-1
INFO:Queue install of luci-base/luci/git-21.189.23240-7b931da-1
INFO:Queue install of fix-pkglists-hardening-options/turrispackages/1-1
INFO:Queue install of hostapd-common/base/2019-08-08-ca8c2bd2-7
INFO:Queue install of wireless-regdb/base/2020.11.20-1
INFO:Queue install of iw/base/5.0.1-1
INFO:Queue install of kmod-cfg80211/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-mac80211/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ath/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ath9k-common/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ath9k/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ath10k/core/4.14.236+4.19.193-1-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-flow/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-offload/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-nat/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-nathelper/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-br-netfilter/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nls-base/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-core/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-ehci/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb2/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-scsi-core/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-storage/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-storage-uas/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-storage-extras/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ikconfig/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-libphy/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-swconfig/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-switch-mvsw61xx/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-serial/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-serial-wwan/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-i2c-core/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-gpio-pca953x/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-i2c-mux/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-i2c-mux-pca954x/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nvmem/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-eeprom-at24/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-default-on/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-gpio/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-heartbeat/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-netdev/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-oneshot/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-timer/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ledtrig-transient/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of omnia-generic-support/turrispackages/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of omnia-support/turrispackages/3.4-1
INFO:Queue install of ubi-utils/core/2.1.1-1
INFO:Queue install of ubox/base/2019-06-16-4df34a4d-4
INFO:Queue install of fstools/core/2020-05-12-84269037-1
INFO:Queue install of curl/base/7.66.0-3
INFO:Queue install of libuclient/base/2020-06-17-51e16ebf-1
INFO:Queue install of uclient-fetch/base/2020-06-17-51e16ebf-1
INFO:Queue install of opkg/base/2021-01-31-c5dccea9-1
INFO:Queue install of coreutils-sort/packages/8.30-2
INFO:Queue install of switch-branch/turrispackages/2.6.0-3
INFO:Queue install of fwtool/core/2
INFO:Queue install of openwrt-keyring/base/2021-02-20-49283916-2
INFO:Queue install of usign/base/2020-05-23-f1f65026-1
INFO:Queue install of jsonfilter/base/2018-02-04-c7e938d6-1
INFO:Queue install of libjson-script/base/2020-05-25-66195aee-1
INFO:Queue install of procd/base/2020-03-07-09b9bd82-1
INFO:Queue install of base-files/core/204.4-ceb8821
INFO:Queue install of busybox/base/1.30.1-8
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-nat/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-conntrack6/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of firewall/base/2019-11-22-8174814a-3
INFO:Queue install of luajit/turrispackages/2.2.0-1
INFO:Queue install of lmdb/packages/0.9.24-2
INFO:Queue install of libuv/packages/1.40.0-2
INFO:Queue install of libstdcpp/core/7.5.0-2
INFO:Queue install of libnghttp2/base/1.41.0-1
INFO:Queue install of knot-libzscanner/packages/3.0.4-1
INFO:Queue install of knot-libs/packages/3.0.4-1
INFO:Queue install of knot-resolver/turrispackages/5.3.2-2
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ebtables/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of ebtables/base/2018-06-27-48cff25d-1
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nfnetlink/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-nf-conntrack-netlink/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of libnfnetlink/base/1.0.1-3
INFO:Queue install of libnetfilter-conntrack/base/2018-05-01-3ccae9f5-2
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ipt-ipset/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of dnsmasq-full/base/2.80-16.3
INFO:Queue install of odhcpd/base/2020-05-03-49e4949c-3
INFO:Queue install of odhcp6c/base/2021-01-09-64e1b4e7-16
INFO:Queue install of libustream-openssl/base/2020-03-13-40b563b1-2
INFO:Queue install of libpopt/base/1.16-2
INFO:Queue install of logrotate/packages/3.17.0-2
INFO:Queue install of libdbi/packages/0.9.0-4
INFO:Queue install of libiconv-full/base/1.16-1
INFO:Queue install of glib2/packages/2.58.3-5
INFO:Queue install of libpcre/packages/8.43-1
INFO:Queue install of syslog-ng/packages/3.33.2-1
INFO:Queue install of cznic-repo-keys/turrispackages/4.1-1
INFO:Queue install of kmod-lib-crc-ccitt/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-slhc/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-ppp/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of ppp/base/2.4.7.git-2019-05-25-5
INFO:Queue install of kmod-pppox/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of kmod-pppoe/core/4.14.236-1-67f70e2f39f8e8859c56d42cced0b0b3
INFO:Queue install of ppp-mod-pppoe/base/2.4.7.git-2019-05-25-5
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-client-utils
INFO:Queue removal of foris-storage-plugin
INFO:Queue removal of diffutils
INFO:Queue removal of htop
INFO:Queue removal of turris-webapps
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-https-cert
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-utils
INFO:Queue removal of cznic-repo-keys-test
INFO:Queue removal of iputils-ping
INFO:Queue removal of genl
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-client
INFO:Queue removal of iw-full
INFO:Queue removal of rdma
INFO:Queue removal of 6in4
INFO:Queue removal of mtd
INFO:Queue removal of iputils-ping6
INFO:Queue removal of procps-ng-ps
INFO:Queue removal of tcpdump
INFO:Queue removal of haveged
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-openssl
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-moduli
INFO:Queue removal of foris-controller-storage-module
INFO:Queue removal of rsync
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-sftp-client
INFO:Queue removal of pciutils
INFO:Queue removal of libkmod
INFO:Queue removal of vixie-cron
INFO:Queue removal of python-multiprocessing
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-base-de
INFO:Queue removal of iputils-tracepath6
INFO:Queue removal of wireless-tools
INFO:Queue removal of iputils-tracepath
INFO:Queue removal of rainbow-omnia
INFO:Queue removal of user-notify-l10n-de
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-base-cs
INFO:Queue removal of watchdog_adjust
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-base-en
INFO:Queue removal of bind-dig
INFO:Queue removal of procps-ng-top
INFO:Queue removal of procps-ng
INFO:Queue removal of blkid
INFO:Queue removal of user-notify-l10n-cs
INFO:Queue removal of start-indicator
INFO:Queue removal of 6to4
INFO:Queue removal of turris-version
INFO:Queue removal of wpad
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-commands-de
INFO:Queue removal of libpcap
INFO:Queue removal of shadow
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-chfn
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-chsh
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-gpasswd
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-groupmems
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-groups
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-login
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-newgidmap
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-newuidmap
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-nologin
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-passwd
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-useradd
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-userdel
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-vipw
INFO:Queue removal of vim-full
INFO:Queue removal of lm-sensors
INFO:Queue removal of ip6tables
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-ip6tables
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-nf-reject6
INFO:Queue removal of psmisc
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-su
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-groupdel
INFO:Queue removal of iputils-traceroute6
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-lastlog
INFO:Queue removal of usbutils
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-chage
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-expiry
INFO:Queue removal of bind-client
INFO:Queue removal of python-logging
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-newgrp
INFO:Queue removal of devlink
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-server
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-keygen
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-commands-cs
INFO:Queue removal of partx-utils
INFO:Queue removal of ip-bridge
INFO:Queue removal of python-light
INFO:Queue removal of python-base
INFO:Queue removal of umdns
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-groupadd
INFO:Queue removal of i2c-tools
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-faillog
INFO:Queue removal of cznic-cacert-bundle
INFO:Queue removal of c-rehash
INFO:Queue removal of foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-de
INFO:Queue removal of foris-l10n-de
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-nf-ipt6
INFO:Queue removal of bash
INFO:Queue removal of libreadline
INFO:Queue removal of libsensors
INFO:Queue removal of sysfsutils
INFO:Queue removal of libsysfs
INFO:Queue removal of ds-lite
INFO:Queue removal of resolveip
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-usermod
INFO:Queue removal of luci-lighttpd
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-cgi
INFO:Queue removal of luasec
INFO:Queue removal of foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-cs
INFO:Queue removal of updater-opkg-wrapper
INFO:Queue removal of localrepo
INFO:Queue removal of openssh-sftp-server
INFO:Queue removal of foris-diagnostics-plugin
INFO:Queue removal of foris-controller-diagnostics-module
INFO:Queue removal of turris-diagnostics
INFO:Queue removal of lsblk
INFO:Queue removal of nstat
INFO:Queue removal of libhavege
INFO:Queue removal of socat
INFO:Queue removal of luci-i18n-commands-en
INFO:Queue removal of luci-app-commands
INFO:Queue removal of lsof
INFO:Queue removal of librpc
INFO:Queue removal of 6rd
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-sit
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-iptunnel
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-iptunnel4
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-ip6-tunnel
INFO:Queue removal of kmod-iptunnel6
INFO:Queue removal of ath10k-firmware-qca988x
INFO:Queue removal of libusb-1.0
INFO:Queue removal of ip-full
INFO:Queue removal of foris-storage-plugin-l10n-cs
INFO:Queue removal of foris-l10n-cs
INFO:Queue removal of foris
INFO:Queue removal of python3-bottle-i18n
INFO:Queue removal of python3-bottle
INFO:Queue removal of python3-flup
INFO:Queue removal of python3-jinja2
INFO:Queue removal of python3-markupsafe
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-fastcgi
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-redirect
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-setenv
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-alias
INFO:Queue removal of foris-ws
INFO:Queue removal of python3-websockets
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd-mod-proxy
INFO:Queue removal of lighttpd
INFO:Queue removal of python3-cachelib
INFO:Queue removal of libelf1
INFO:Queue removal of python3-asn1crypto
INFO:Queue removal of l10n_supported
INFO:Queue removal of luci
INFO:Queue removal of luci-mod-admin-full
INFO:Queue removal of luci-theme-bootstrap
INFO:Queue removal of luci-app-firewall
INFO:Queue removal of luci-proto-ppp
INFO:Queue removal of libiwinfo-lua
INFO:Queue removal of luci-proto-ipv6
INFO:Queue removal of rpcd-mod-rrdns
INFO:Queue removal of bind-libs
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-chpasswd
INFO:Queue removal of ss
INFO:Queue removal of iwinfo
INFO:Queue removal of libiwinfo
INFO:Queue removal of conntrack
INFO:Queue removal of libnetfilter-cttimeout
INFO:Queue removal of libnetfilter-cthelper
INFO:Queue removal of libnetfilter-queue
INFO:Queue removal of turris-utils
INFO:Queue removal of coreutils-stat
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-groupmod
INFO:Queue removal of shadow-common
Press return to continue, CTRL+C to abort

INFO:Downloading packages
INFO:Executing preupdate hook: 05_schnapps.sh
Snapshot number 11 created
INFO:Unpacking download packages
INFO:Checking for file collisions between packages
INFO:Running pre-install and pre-rm scripts and merging packages to root file system
WARN:Config file /etc/config/updater modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/updater-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/config/resolver modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/resolver-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/config/foris modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/foris-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/config/luci modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/luci-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/passwd modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/passwd-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/shadow modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/shadow-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/group modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/group-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/shells modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/shells-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/config/firewall modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/firewall-opkg
WARN:Config file /etc/config/dhcp modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/dhcp-opkg
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-client-utils
INFO:Running prerm of foris-storage-plugin
INFO:Running prerm of diffutils
INFO:Running prerm of htop
INFO:Running prerm of turris-webapps
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-https-cert
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-utils
INFO:Running prerm of cznic-repo-keys-test
INFO:Running prerm of iputils-ping
INFO:Running prerm of genl
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-client
INFO:Running prerm of iw-full
INFO:Running prerm of rdma
INFO:Running prerm of 6in4
INFO:Running prerm of mtd
INFO:Running prerm of iputils-ping6
INFO:Running prerm of procps-ng-ps
INFO:Running prerm of tcpdump
INFO:Running prerm of haveged
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-openssl
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-moduli
INFO:Running prerm of foris-controller-storage-module
umount: /srv: not mounted.
INFO:Running prerm of rsync
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-sftp-client
INFO:Running prerm of pciutils
INFO:Running prerm of libkmod
INFO:Running prerm of vixie-cron
Command failed: Not found
INFO:Running prerm of python-multiprocessing
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-base-de
INFO:Running prerm of iputils-tracepath6
INFO:Running prerm of wireless-tools
INFO:Running prerm of iputils-tracepath
INFO:Running prerm of rainbow-omnia
INFO:Running prerm of user-notify-l10n-de
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-base-cs
INFO:Running prerm of watchdog_adjust
	"status": "offline",
	"timeout": 0,
	"frequency": 0,
	"magicclose": true
	"status": "offline",
	"timeout": 0,
	"frequency": 0,
	"magicclose": true
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-base-en
INFO:Running prerm of bind-dig
INFO:Running prerm of procps-ng-top
INFO:Running prerm of procps-ng
INFO:Running prerm of blkid
INFO:Running prerm of user-notify-l10n-cs
INFO:Running prerm of start-indicator
INFO:Running prerm of 6to4
INFO:Running prerm of turris-version
INFO:Running prerm of wpad
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-commands-de
INFO:Running prerm of libpcap
INFO:Running prerm of shadow
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-chfn
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-chsh
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-gpasswd
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-groupmems
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-groups
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-login
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-newgidmap
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-newuidmap
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-nologin
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-passwd
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-useradd
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-userdel
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-vipw
INFO:Running prerm of vim-full
INFO:Running prerm of lm-sensors
INFO:Running prerm of ip6tables
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-ip6tables
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-nf-reject6
INFO:Running prerm of psmisc
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-su
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-groupdel
INFO:Running prerm of iputils-traceroute6
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-lastlog
INFO:Running prerm of usbutils
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-chage
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-expiry
INFO:Running prerm of bind-client
INFO:Running prerm of python-logging
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-newgrp
INFO:Running prerm of devlink
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-server
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-keygen
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-commands-cs
INFO:Running prerm of partx-utils
INFO:Running prerm of ip-bridge
INFO:Running prerm of python-light
INFO:Running prerm of python-base
INFO:Running prerm of umdns
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-groupadd
INFO:Running prerm of i2c-tools
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-faillog
INFO:Running prerm of cznic-cacert-bundle
INFO:Running prerm of c-rehash
INFO:Running prerm of foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-de
INFO:Running prerm of foris-l10n-de
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-nf-ipt6
INFO:Running prerm of bash
INFO:Running prerm of libreadline
INFO:Running prerm of libsensors
INFO:Running prerm of sysfsutils
INFO:Running prerm of libsysfs
INFO:Running prerm of ds-lite
INFO:Running prerm of resolveip
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-usermod
INFO:Running prerm of luci-lighttpd
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-cgi
INFO:Running prerm of luasec
INFO:Running prerm of foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-cs
INFO:Running prerm of updater-opkg-wrapper
INFO:Running prerm of localrepo
INFO:Running prerm of openssh-sftp-server
INFO:Running prerm of foris-diagnostics-plugin
INFO:Running prerm of foris-controller-diagnostics-module
INFO:Running prerm of turris-diagnostics
INFO:Running prerm of lsblk
INFO:Running prerm of nstat
INFO:Running prerm of libhavege
INFO:Running prerm of socat
INFO:Running prerm of luci-i18n-commands-en
INFO:Running prerm of luci-app-commands
INFO:Running prerm of lsof
INFO:Running prerm of librpc
INFO:Running prerm of 6rd
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-sit
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-iptunnel
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-iptunnel4
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-ip6-tunnel
INFO:Running prerm of kmod-iptunnel6
INFO:Running prerm of ath10k-firmware-qca988x
INFO:Running prerm of libusb-1.0
INFO:Running prerm of ip-full
INFO:Running prerm of foris-storage-plugin-l10n-cs
INFO:Running prerm of foris-l10n-cs
INFO:Running prerm of foris
INFO:Running prerm of python3-bottle-i18n
INFO:Running prerm of python3-bottle
INFO:Running prerm of python3-flup
INFO:Running prerm of python3-jinja2
INFO:Running prerm of python3-markupsafe
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-fastcgi
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-redirect
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-setenv
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-alias
INFO:Running prerm of foris-ws
Command failed: Not found
INFO:Running prerm of python3-websockets
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd-mod-proxy
INFO:Running prerm of lighttpd
INFO:Running prerm of python3-cachelib
INFO:Running prerm of libelf1
INFO:Running prerm of python3-asn1crypto
INFO:Running prerm of l10n_supported
INFO:Running prerm of luci
INFO:Running prerm of luci-mod-admin-full
INFO:Running prerm of luci-theme-bootstrap
INFO:Running prerm of luci-app-firewall
INFO:Running prerm of luci-proto-ppp
INFO:Running prerm of libiwinfo-lua
INFO:Running prerm of luci-proto-ipv6
INFO:Running prerm of rpcd-mod-rrdns
INFO:Running prerm of bind-libs
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-chpasswd
INFO:Running prerm of ss
INFO:Running prerm of iwinfo
INFO:Running prerm of libiwinfo
INFO:Running prerm of conntrack
INFO:Running prerm of libnetfilter-cttimeout
INFO:Running prerm of libnetfilter-cthelper
INFO:Running prerm of libnetfilter-queue
INFO:Running prerm of turris-utils
INFO:Running prerm of coreutils-stat
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-groupmod
INFO:Running prerm of shadow-common
INFO:Removing packages and leftover files
INFO:Running post-install and post-rm scripts
INFO:Running postinst of libgcc
INFO:Running postinst of libc
INFO:Running postinst of libubox
INFO:Running postinst of libuci
INFO:Running postinst of uci
INFO:Running postinst of ca-certificates
INFO:Running postinst of libopenssl
INFO:Running postinst of libexpat
INFO:Running postinst of libbz2
INFO:Running postinst of libpthread
INFO:Running postinst of liblzma
INFO:Running postinst of zlib
INFO:Running postinst of libarchive
INFO:Running postinst of liburiparser
INFO:Running postinst of ca-bundle
INFO:Running postinst of libcurl
INFO:Running postinst of libevent2
INFO:Running postinst of liblua
INFO:Running postinst of libuci-lua
INFO:Running postinst of updater-ng
INFO:Running postinst of fix-updater-v65.0-alternatives-update
INFO:Running postinst of librt
INFO:Running postinst of libuuid
INFO:Running postinst of libffi
INFO:Running postinst of python3-base
INFO:Running postinst of python3-light
INFO:Running postinst of python3-logging
INFO:Running postinst of python3-multiprocessing
INFO:Running postinst of resolver-conf
Preferred resolver=kresd
Convert kresd/unbound configuration to /etc/config/resolver
Converting kresd configuration
Converting unbound configuration
nothing done
Called /etc/init.d/kresd stop
remove dhcp script
job 1 at Wed Aug  4 23:20:00 2021
Called /etc/init.d/kresd start
remove dhcp script
uci: Entry not found
cat: can't open '/etc/turris-version': No such file or directory
cat: can't open '/etc/turris-version': No such file or directory
INFO:Running postinst of fix-dns-forward-quad9-split
INFO:Running postinst of fix-edns-buffer-size
INFO:Running postinst of lua
INFO:Running postinst of luasocket
INFO:Running postinst of json4lua
INFO:Running postinst of pkglists
INFO:Running postinst of fix-pkglists-options
uci: Entry not found
uci: Entry not found
INFO:Running postinst of fix-updater-rm-log
INFO:Running postinst of liblzo
INFO:Running postinst of libblkid
INFO:Running postinst of libattr
INFO:Running postinst of btrfs-progs
INFO:Running postinst of libsmartcols
INFO:Running postinst of libmount
INFO:Running postinst of mount-utils
INFO:Running postinst of cert-backup-btrfs
INFO:Running postinst of cert-backup
INFO:Running postinst of cronie
Command failed: Not found
INFO:Running postinst of bzip2
INFO:Running postinst of libacl
INFO:Running postinst of xz-utils
INFO:Running postinst of xz
INFO:Running postinst of tar
INFO:Running postinst of schnapps
INFO:Running postinst of libjson-c
INFO:Running postinst of libblobmsg-json
INFO:Running postinst of jshn
INFO:Running postinst of ubusd
INFO:Running postinst of libubus
INFO:Running postinst of ubus
INFO:Running postinst of libnl-tiny
INFO:Running postinst of netifd
'radio0' is disabled
'radio1' is disabled
INFO:Running postinst of dnssec-rootkey
/etc/root.keys already stored, skipping
+ '[' -n  ]
+ /usr/sbin/cert-backup /etc/root.keys
INFO:Running postinst of libldns
INFO:Running postinst of libunbound
INFO:Running postinst of libatsha204
INFO:Running postinst of crypto-wrapper
INFO:Running postinst of python3-asyncio
INFO:Running postinst of python3-lzma
INFO:Running postinst of libxml2
INFO:Running postinst of libdb47
INFO:Running postinst of python3-dbm
INFO:Running postinst of python3-pydoc
INFO:Running postinst of python3-email
INFO:Running postinst of python3-cgi
INFO:Running postinst of python3-cgitb
INFO:Running postinst of python3-urllib
INFO:Running postinst of python3-openssl
INFO:Running postinst of python3-distutils
INFO:Running postinst of python3-xml
INFO:Running postinst of libsqlite3
INFO:Running postinst of python3-sqlite3
INFO:Running postinst of libgdbm
INFO:Running postinst of python3-gdbm
INFO:Running postinst of python3-codecs
INFO:Running postinst of python3-decimal
INFO:Running postinst of python3-ctypes
INFO:Running postinst of terminfo
INFO:Running postinst of libncurses
INFO:Running postinst of python3-ncurses
INFO:Running postinst of python3-unittest
INFO:Running postinst of python3
INFO:Running postinst of python3-pkg-resources
INFO:Running postinst of python3-setuptools
INFO:Running postinst of python3-ubus
INFO:Running postinst of python3-text-unidecode
INFO:Running postinst of python3-slugify
INFO:Running postinst of libopenssl-conf
INFO:Running postinst of openssl-util
INFO:Running postinst of turris-cagen
INFO:Running postinst of python3-paho-mqtt
INFO:Running postinst of libcares
INFO:Running postinst of libmosquitto-ssl
INFO:Running postinst of mosquitto-client-ssl
INFO:Running postinst of libcap
INFO:Running postinst of libwebsockets-openssl
INFO:Running postinst of mosquitto-ssl
INFO:Running postinst of fosquitto
Generating fosquitto config file in /var/etc/fosquitto.generated.conf
Generating fosquitto config file in /var/etc/fosquitto.generated.conf
INFO:Running postinst of kernel
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-ipt
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-reject
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-core
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-raw
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-conntrack
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-conntrack
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra
INFO:Running postinst of libxtables
INFO:Running postinst of libip6tc
INFO:Running postinst of libip4tc
INFO:Running postinst of iptables
INFO:Running postinst of iptables-mod-conntrack-extra
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-ipopt
INFO:Running postinst of iptables-mod-ipopt
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ifb
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-sched-cake
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-sched-core
INFO:Running postinst of libmnl
INFO:Running postinst of libintl-full
INFO:Running postinst of libelf
INFO:Running postinst of tc
INFO:Running postinst of sqm-scripts
INFO:Running postinst of l10n-supported
INFO:Running postinst of gettext-tools
INFO:Running postinst of create_notification
INFO:Running postinst of python3-six
INFO:Running postinst of python3-ply
INFO:Running postinst of python3-pycparser
INFO:Running postinst of python3-cffi
INFO:Running postinst of python3-cryptography
INFO:Running postinst of python3-certifi
INFO:Running postinst of python3-urllib3
INFO:Running postinst of python3-idna
INFO:Running postinst of python3-chardet
INFO:Running postinst of python3-requests
INFO:Running postinst of sentinel-certgen
INFO:Running postinst of libatomic
INFO:Running postinst of libgmp
INFO:Running postinst of libnettle
INFO:Running postinst of libgnutls
INFO:Running postinst of msmtp
INFO:Running postinst of at
INFO:Running postinst of user-notify
INFO:Running postinst of python3-distro
INFO:Running postinst of python3-uci
INFO:Running postinst of updater-supervisor
INFO:Running postinst of coreutils
INFO:Running postinst of coreutils-base64
INFO:Running postinst of turris-maintain
INFO:Running postinst of turrishw
INFO:Running postinst of python3-more-itertools
INFO:Running postinst of python3-zipp
INFO:Running postinst of python3-importlib-metadata
INFO:Running postinst of python3-pyrsistent
INFO:Running postinst of python3-attrs
INFO:Running postinst of python3-jsonschema
INFO:Running postinst of foris-schema
INFO:Running postinst of python3-ifaddr
INFO:Running postinst of python3-zeroconf
INFO:Running postinst of python3-pbkdf2
INFO:Running postinst of python3-prctl
INFO:Running postinst of foris-controller-app
INFO:Running postinst of foris-client
INFO:Running postinst of foris-controller-hotplug
INFO:Running postinst of foris-controller
INFO:Running postinst of fix-config-foris-restore
INFO:Running postinst of fix-uboot-env-reset
INFO:Running postinst of uboot-envtools
INFO:Running postinst of fix-corrupted-contract-by-rescue
Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment
## Error: "contract" not defined
INFO:Running postinst of fix-cleanup-cert-backup
INFO:Running postinst of cgi-io
INFO:Running postinst of rpcd
INFO:Running postinst of rpcd-mod-luci
INFO:Running postinst of rpcd-mod-file
INFO:Running postinst of liblucihttp
INFO:Running postinst of liblucihttp-lua
INFO:Running postinst of luci-lib-jsonc
INFO:Running postinst of libubus-lua
INFO:Running postinst of luci-lib-ip
INFO:Running postinst of luci-lib-nixio
INFO:Running postinst of luci-base
INFO:Running postinst of fix-pkglists-hardening-options
INFO:Running postinst of hostapd-common
INFO:Running postinst of wireless-regdb
INFO:Running postinst of iw
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-cfg80211
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-mac80211
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ath
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ath9k-common
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ath9k
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ath10k
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-flow
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-offload
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-nat
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-nathelper
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-br-netfilter
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nls-base
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-core
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-ehci
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb2
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-scsi-core
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-storage
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-storage-uas
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-storage-extras
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ikconfig
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-libphy
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-swconfig
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-switch-mvsw61xx
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-serial
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-serial-wwan
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-i2c-core
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-gpio-pca953x
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-i2c-mux
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-i2c-mux-pca954x
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nvmem
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-eeprom-at24
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-default-on
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-gpio
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-heartbeat
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-netdev
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-oneshot
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-timer
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ledtrig-transient
INFO:Running postinst of omnia-generic-support
INFO:Running postinst of omnia-support
INFO:Running postinst of ubi-utils
INFO:Running postinst of ubox
INFO:Running postinst of fstools
INFO:Running postinst of curl
INFO:Running postinst of libuclient
INFO:Running postinst of uclient-fetch
INFO:Running postinst of opkg
INFO:Running postinst of coreutils-sort
INFO:Running postinst of switch-branch
File /etc/turris-version is missing. Are we running on Turris?
INFO:Running postinst of fwtool
INFO:Running postinst of openwrt-keyring
INFO:Running postinst of usign
INFO:Running postinst of jsonfilter
INFO:Running postinst of libjson-script
INFO:Running postinst of procd
INFO:Running postinst of base-files
setting up led wan
setting up led pci1
setting up led pci2
setting up led pci3
File /etc/turris-version is missing. Are we running on Turris?
INFO:Running postinst of busybox
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-ipt-nat
INFO:Running postinst of kmod-nf-conntrack6
INFO:Running postinst of firewall
Warning: Unable to locate ipset utility, disabling ipset support
 * Flushing IPv4 filter table
 * Flushing IPv4 nat table
 * Flushing IPv4 mangle table
 * Flushing IPv6 filter table
 * Flushing IPv6 mangle table
 * Flushing conntrack table ...
 * Populating IPv4 filter table
   * Rule 'Allow-DHCP-Renew'
   * Rule 'Allow-Ping'
   * Rule 'Allow-IGMP'
   * Rule 'Allow-IPSec-ESP'
   * Rule 'Allow-ISAKMP'
   * Rule 'guest dns rule'
   * Rule 'guest dhcp rule'
   * Forward 'lan' -> 'wan'
   * Forward 'guest_turris' -> 'wan'
   * Zone 'lan'
   * Zone 'wan'
   * Zone 'guest_turris'
 * Populating IPv4 nat table
   * Zone 'lan'
   * Zone 'wan'
   * Zone 'guest_turris'
 * Populating IPv4 mangle table
   * Zone 'lan'
   * Zone 'wan'
   * Zone 'guest_turris'
 * Populating IPv6 filter table
   * Rule 'Allow-DHCPv6'
   * Rule 'Allow-MLD'
   * Rule 'Allow-ICMPv6-Input'
   * Rule 'Allow-ICMPv6-Forward'
   * Rule 'Allow-IPSec-ESP'
   * Rule 'Allow-ISAKMP'
   * Rule 'guest dns rule'
   * Rule 'guest dhcp rule'
   * Forward 'lan' -> 'wan'
   * Forward 'guest_turris' -> 'wan'
   * Zone 'lan'
   * Zone 'wan'
   * Zone 'guest_turris'
 * Populating IPv6 mangle table
   * Zone 'lan'
   * Zone 'wan'
   * Zone 'guest_turris'
 * Set tcp_ecn to off
 * Set tcp_syncookies to on
 * Set tcp_window_scaling to on
 * Running script '/etc/firewall.user'
INFO:Running postinst of luajit
INFO:Running postinst of lmdb
INFO:Running postinst of libuv
INFO:Running postinst of libstdcpp
INFO:Running postinst of libnghttp2
INFO:Running postinst of knot-libzscanner
INFO:Running postinst of knot-libs
INFO:Running postinst of knot-resolver
Shared connection to closed.


I believe that this is related (or same) to bug as Problems Updating.


You can solve this bug by Flash from the internet as is suggested in Update from 4.0.1 to 5.2.2 disables WebUI and SSH. I keep this issue open as this is certainly a bug.

When updating the router via SSH, there’s generally after a time no indication that anything is happening - that the update is in progress, as everything becomes unreachable. Leaving the router as is in that updating, but can’t see anything progress status for several hours without any further interruption will usually resolve the issue and the modem updates itself successfully in most cases, it just takes a lot of patience and blind faith, as there’s a lengthy period during this process, when there’s no indication whatsoever, that an update is in fact taking place.

I proposed an improvement over the current behavior, hopefully the developers take notice for the future, and implement a change of this.