Turris Omnia 2GB US location

I have a 2 month old Omnia in essentially new condition that I bought and never got around to using. It’s missing one of the WiFi antennas, but other than that it’s NIB.
$275 shipped and PP’d to Cont. US only. Using friends/family option would be appreciated!

I’ll buy it. Why is it missing an antenna?

I was working on another project and needed an antenna and since sold other project and forgot to put it back! Ooops!

PM me for my paypal info.

You click on the user’s icon/name and then click “message” in the pop-up.


Yeah, see it doesn’t let me. No option. When I click on anyone’s name there is no message button.

Oh, it’s possible that’s among the anti-spamming restrictions applied to newcomers.

Hey anusplaya, I thought I had more money to spend than I actually do. Can’t go through with the purchase. Good luck selling.

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@anusplaya, if your Omnia is still for sale, I’m interested. I’m not able to PM since I just joined the forum :smile: so hopefully your account is old enough to PM me! :man_shrugging: