Turris Omnia 2GB - silver, unused, €230 [SOLD]

I finally received my silver Turris Omnia (upgrade 2 GB version) and am now looking to sell it. For me it came too late for our new home, so it’s now in the box not being tinkered with (SAD)!

It’s been booted to check the hardware, no issues there, otherwise unused.

I am located in The Netherlands, shipping will depend on your location, but I suppose around max €20. Price for the unit is €230.

Will also consider counter offers!

Ben uit Antwerpen.
Graag 220 Eur bieden, inclusief verzending.
Mvg, Michel

Hey, is it still for sale? How much for shipping to southern Germany?

@3ullit If you’re still looking for a “new” Omnia, I am currently thinking about selling my Omnia. So, get in touch with me if you like

Hi Arno,. I just received your message and refund from PayPal. I don’t understand what can go wrong with PayPal. I moved out of Belgium, but have still my bank account KBC bank, still use PayPal which is connected to it. Just my verified adresse is not active for me now. Best regards. Michel.sommerfeld.at. telenet dot be

No longer for sale, thanks all.

Could you please mark the OP with a [SOLD] lable or something similar?

(that’s just me being grumpy because I, as a Dutchie too, missed out on your offer). :wink:

Sure thanks for the tip :slight_smile: