Turris Omnia 2GB, plus NAS box and wall mount, for sale

Hi All,

After playing with my Turris Omnia for a couple of weeks, I have decided to sell it. Works fine. My reason is that it is more complex than I had expected and whilst I was looking forward to learning more about it, I have to be realistic and I accept I am probably never going to find the time to learn it, and never use much of its full potential. Better off in the hands of someone who appreciates it more.

So, for sale is:
Turris Omnia router - paid $189USD, plus $30USD for shipping
2 GB RAM upgrade - paid $49USD, excluding shipping
Omnia wall mount - paid $9USD, excluding shipping
NAS box set for Omnia - paid $79USD, plus $30USD for shipping

The Omnia has been used for a couple of weeks. The NAS box and wall mount I opened and had a look at it, and that is it - never used.

Blue case for Omnia and NAS (if my memory serves me correctly on the NAS…)

My total price was $386USD, including shipping for which I paid $60USD ($30USD shipping paid on two items).

Price excluding shipping was $326USD.

Asking what I paid - $326USD for the lot, plus shipping. Pretty good deal still given the price of a new Omnia now.

Located in Australia, but can ship anywhere at buyers expense.



Already sold or still actual?

Still available. Packed away as I am moving house, but haven’t sold it as yet.