Turris Omnia 2022 - estimation on market?

When the new Turris Omnia 2022 will be available in eshops? I would like to buy a turris. The question is if I should wait for new generation or not. Is there any estimate? If not information like “it will not be 2024” would be usefull as well.


Was this the last public information around new devices?

Maybe someone knows newer stuff and will post here.


I wonder if there will be any more routers from Turris. Looking at the forum a lot of staff have gone.

If it gets released the" 2022" model will already be out of date old tech.

I bought an Omnia 2016 and then a 2020 model , having moved to a 900/300 fibre connection both are pretty much useless because they can’t deliver anything above 500/200 .

I had been hoping for the new version but won’t be waiting any longer , 2 Omnias will go to eBay and I’ll be off to buy something else.

Interesting, since here the 2016 Omnia does get 800+ ?
The MOX has speed issues but not sure where that goes wrong

What type of connection , PPPOE?

I have spent many hours trawling through numerous websites and the many posts here on the same subject, the answer is always the same , the Omnia can’t attain speeds like 900/300.

If you look at the video, you’ll see that the tech was upgraded since the “2022” proposal.

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Without PPPoE or SQM it can… and then for unilateral loads it can even with SQM*… not exactly sure about the cost of PPPoE (but that is not a cheap protocol by any means).

*) Caveat I did tests in the TOS4 timeframe and have not bothered since to repeat them, for my 100/40 Mbps link the omnia is just A-OK and I do not see me switching to anything faster soon… if I did I would probably aim for a wired only router based on x86, like the current intel N100 designs… (the SOHO omnia is simply outside my price range)

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