Turris Omnia 2 GB Wifi Selling 200 EUR

Selling Turris Omnia 2 GB Wifi version. BLACK
Warranty till 10/2018
Turris is fully working with latest medkit included.

PM me here

200 EUR
5050 CZK

Possible anywhere at buyers expense.
From Brno Czech republic

Has this been sold? If so could you advise what would be an acceptable payment method plus shipping costs

I was willing to sell this piece of hardware for long months. But I have slowly made Turris work again and set some basic things, now I am not gona rely on Turris so much. I am building things in HA because I can’t trust Turris with more complex settings.

I do have two switches, one switch has one link the other one has two metalic. I will change one of metalic cables for SFP with multi modal optical cable. So I will be in great need for Turris now. Hope it will not fail me.

If I have known that Turris is such shitty device I would have bough it via alza so that they could change one bricked shit for working one.