Turris omnia 2.5gbps wan speeds?

so we have ISPs here in my country that sell multigig plans.
How is omnia handling those plans?
Let’s say I want to buy the newest config with wifi6 marketed with 2.5gbps wan at 375+ euros - yes I know I’ll need an SFP-to-ethernet (or gpon - not sure there is one supported for 2.5gpbs ?)
For this money I expect I can go over 1gbps on wifi - will I be able to ?

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On wifi? Then you would definitely need to buy a better wifi card then in original Omnia. Probably the Omnia Wifi 6 cards can do more than gigabit, but that’s more theory than practice. What I’d put more hopes in is using the MIMO capability of the Wifi 6 cards. So if you have 2 or 3 devices with good wifi cards, they could theoretically go over gigabit on wan in sum. But not with more devices.

You would also need to disable all packet inspection software in the router (pakon, morce).

That will not work - if you set up multi gigabit WAN, the current Omnia’s CPU will be used to its maximum capacity (test–> Gigabit speed on WAN - PPPOE - #15 by zajdee, without sqm PPoE can deliver around 2/1 gigabit, with cake sqm 700/900 Mbit). As running heavy WiFi load will also eat a lot of CPU capabilities, this will decrease speeds even further.
So for this scenario you will need a more powerful device than TO (e.g. the advertised TO Enterprise).

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