Turris: No Wi-Fi bridging when first connected [duplicate]

I’m using my Turris as an Access Point in my garage. I don’t have anything plugged into the WAN port, and I put my home network cable into the 4-port LAN block. I bridge Wi-Fi to the LAN. The LAN works fine.

When I roam into the Turris range, I connect just fine, and I can access the Turris via its IP address. However, I don’t have access to any other hosts on the LAN, not even other Wi-Fi-connected hosts (I think, it’s hard to troubleshoot that). After a few minutes, I suddenly have access and everything is fine. When I leave the range and come back, I have to wait again.

I didn’t do any manual configuration, only used the GUI, and I don’t think I turned on any special features. I turned off DHCP serving since I already have a DHCP server.

What could cause this delayed access? When I swap the Turris for another AP, I don’t have any problems.

don’t you have, by any chance, set option “Isolate Clients” in Luci - Network - Wireless - Edit - Interface Configuration - Advanced Settings?

I think this is the same issue as we are discussing here:

Indeed it’s the same issue. It’s not the “isolate clients” setting because everything works after a while. I’ll continue the conversation in the other issue.