Turris MOX Wi-Fi Unavailable At Random


I have what appears to be a simple problem but I cannot seem to figure it out. For some reason, at random my Turris MOX appears to not allow connections to the internet. You could still connect to the router but you are unable to connect to the internet (WAN). I can confirm the connection works fine on LAN. I received a Early Bird MOX: Classic w/ Module G. Anyone mind helping me troubleshoot this issue with the Wi-Fi?

Thank you!

What zone ( 5 x 2,4), channel (direct or auto) and his wide ? Some error message in syslog ?

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there were some fixes over the time that worked for me to get stable wifi:

for SDIO wifi (which is most probably what you have set up?):
ssh to your router
wget -O /lib/firmware/mrvl/sd8997_uapsta.bin https://github.com/tmshlvck/turris-debian/raw/master/mox/files/sd8997_uapsta.bin && sync
reboot your router
(if you are on latest update above update might not be needed, diff or md5 the bin files first!!!)

for the wifi in B module (switch to htt driver):

opkg update
opkg remove ath10k-firmware-qca988x
opkg remove kmod-ath10k
opkg install ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct-htt

Thank you for the reply. It looks like I already have the latest software so I should be good there. I do have logs from a diagnostic when the issue occured and I lost all internet. Here are the logs attached.

Thank you for taking time to help me :slight_smile:

You didn’t answer questions. Link to log is not acessible – it would be better just the error part “err”.

Just upgraded to Turris 5.0
Is this still a recommendation for version 5.0?
As per default there’s ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct installed.

Up-to-now I did not have any problems with the wifi.