Turris Mox used as travel router?

I am looking for a small and portable router that allows to span up a private wlan for example in a hotel.
Operating software should allow to authenticate access to the hotspot (wifi or cable) and the router should interconnect the services to the privately used wlan. Usually websites are used for authentication, so the router should act as an single network device.
Sometime these systems are called “travel routers”.
Any idea whether Mox and the designated operating software will support such functionality? Some weeks ago I asked this question on indiegogo, but I haven’t got an answer yet.

Personally I use this device, see https://gl-inet.com/ar750. Great for travelling, two radios, not too expensive & fully OpenWrt supported.

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I have the same question. May I revive this thread?

I will travel and spend much time in quratine hotels. For that I need a travel router that takes in hotel WiFi and gives me my own VPN WiFi.

I am not yet completely convinced by GL.iNet devices.

  • This thread is old, so there may be a better solution than the GL-AR750.
  • I may prefer a European product over a Chinese hardware.
  • Mox may be faster?

Is Mox - in which ever hardware configuration - a good fit for this?

Thank you