Turris MOX unusable... marvell wifi not working at all

So I got myself a turris mox, worst mistake I ever made. Found a lot about reboot issue, was not able to fix it. The marvell wifi is not working at all, set up and no network actually visible. Most unstable piece of tech I ever bought. Even on HBS, not mentioning HBT which just stops working randomly.

If you have some recomendation how to fix the WiFi so its little bit usable.
Currently on TurrisOS 5.4.4 83b0e20711ee4a927634b3c2a018c93527e84a2b
Kernel Version 4.14.294 tried the 6.0 on HBT which was somehow worse.

Welcome to the club. SDIO will be also discontinued with TOS 6 and TOS 5 will not have any updates anymore.

I’m not saying it won’t be discontinued but at the moment it’s not and it’s not officially announced

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Personally I have been using a MOX for two years and found it very stable. There are issues obviously, especially around the wifi on SDIO, but to me it has been a nice piece of kit, and very transparent from a software point of view.

Hundreds of hangs and SDIO issues is not stable solution.

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