Turris-Mox unable to update

Hi, I have trouble getting updates for my Turris-Mox. The notification with respect to automatic updates tells:

runtime: [string “requests”]:395: [string “utils”]:429: Unable to finish URI (https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/mox/lists/base.lua): Download failed

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thanks for your support.

B.T.W.: I am using Turris OS 4.0.1.

20200111 update: I found an error in the configuration, thus now everything works like a charm.

I just reset my MOX (with Rescue Mode 4) and made the first setup run. I also selected some additional software so the updater started, but that always ands with the same error notification that @lww stated above. So how can we solve this problem?

same here, still on Turris OS 4.0b2

a) Foris → DNS → Test connection: If that fails, select a DNS Forwarder with ‘TLS’ in its name.
This makes sure, DNS is not seen by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

b) Foris → WAN → Test connection: If that fails for IPv6, disable IPv6 on that page.

c) If the last test failed but you have no WAN just LAN in Foris → Network Interfaces, disable IPv6 on your primary router (cable modem, DSL modem, fiber-optic modem, …).

If none of those alternatives helped, please, continue there… sometimes it is enough to do the DNS test and then go for Foris → Update → (button) Save and update, because DNS got cached by the test.

Observed such IPv6 issues in a DS-LITE setup on a TO with TOS4.x as well and that never got resolved until switched to TOS 5.x | 6.x where the issue does not exhibit.

The workaround on my node with TOS4.x been to disable IPv6 in the dual-stack.

That is valuable information. I went for the branch HBD to get Turris OS 5.x. However, that did not fix the issue for me.

I am still investigating the actual cause. In Wireshark, I see two DNS-over-TCP queries which are not answered by my AVM FRITZ!Box, immediately after a reboot of my Turris MOX. DNS-over-UDP queries are answered immediately. After the third DNS-over-TCP query, those get answered, too. Yet, I do not understand why a reboot of the Turris MOX changes the behavior of the AVM FRITZ!Box.

Recalled these threads [1 | 2] pertinent to some IPv6 connectivity issues between a FB and a TO.

[1] IPv6: Ask for help: No re-connect to v6 - #18 by anon50890781 - SW help - Turris forum
[2] IPv6 Issue cascade (Fritzbox --> TurrisOmnia) - #3 by ib54003 - SW help - Turris forum

Just received MOX Pocket Wi-Fi with pre-installed v.4.0, Kernel version 4.14.113 and tried to update it, but no luck.

Getting “Updater selhal:
runtime: [string “requests”]:395: [string “utils”]:427: URI download failed: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found”.

I have tried those steps Turris-Mox unable to update , but still not getting the update.

I have the US cable Comcast Internet provider with cable modem.
Internet connection works with enabled/disabled ipv6 in WAN on Connection Test.
I have also tried to choose all DNS Forwarder options checking DNS Connection Test. But still getting the same error notification.

Is there a solution to fix it? Or at least to perform the firmware update manually?

Take a look at the Documentation, especially “Re-flash router” and " Flash from the internet".

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You need to remove luci-controls from /etc/config/updater