Turris MOX toolchain

Hello, I’ve received my MOX and now, I want to build custom packages.

I have two parths to follow:

  • OpenWRT
  • TurrisOS

My software is written in C99, so no compatibility problems whenever I have a toolchain, so, is there an OpenWRT repo to clone & build and the use it’s tool chain? Because I can build for turris Omnia, but not for MOX. Can I build openWRT for MOX?

And the second one, does TurrisOS have a toolchain? I just need to build against libcrypto, libooenssl, libcurl, libgenl & libnetlink.

Kind regards, Manuel


Did you check our README of turris-build repository?

Oh! I browsed along all repositories, and I did not related this one to build the toolchain/OS.
Sorry about that. If I find any problem building, I’ll use this thread.

Kind regards!