Turris Mox Start (from Indegogo) not booting - first time

I have a Turris Mox Start (I bought it from the Indegogo campaign) and I’d never tried to use it until now (yes, really!).

It’s been 40 minutes, and the red light is still solid. I know the docs say it could take a long time, but 40 minutes seems excessive. Is it? How long should it take when it connected to a pre-existing network?

I have the Mox plugged into my local network, and the machine I intend to configure it with plugged into that same network. This network is connected to the Internet through a Turris Omnia.

It’s possible the SD card died after such a long time. Can you try with a fresh one and flash it according to MOX MicroSD - Turris Documentation ?

I can certainly try that.

Hah!! There is a MicroSD slot, but no card in the slot. Perhaps that’s related :wink:

What kind of MicroSD should be used? Size? Speed?

Never mind. I see this: MOX A - Basic [Turris wiki]

Yes and here

Well… I wanted to use it as an additional AP - which I discovered I didn’t need the MicroSD card for at all.

It’s up and heartbeating, but I can’t see that it’s putting out any WiFi signal :frowning:.

Did the install of Turris OS succeed? Regardless of your use, you need an operating system running. Also, what wifi do you have on your MOX? As far as I understand, MOX start is just a SoC with no wifi card.
Assuming you have some wifi hardware, you can perfectly use a device like that as an AP… the OpenWRT documentation explains what to do. Mostly, disabling things like DHCP server etc.

It went through a bunch of work configuring everything, and then after a few minutes the heartbeat light started. I followed these directions: Turris MOX: network boot [Turris wiki]

This MOX has a little custom daughter card with two antennas attached. It’s not the usual commercial radio plugin card. The documentation talks about the wifi and antennas (very briefly).

Maybe it would be easiest to do a quick test with microsd card to just verify the hardware part works. When that is verified, we can look at the netboot problems…