Turris Mox: RAM upgrade to 1 GB


Our campaign on Indiegogo has only 15 days left and many of you asked us for RAM upgrade. We decided to bring it to you - RAM upgrade to 1GB (from 512 MB), which cost $29 as other upgrades like WiFi, PoE, Ethernet.

We’re very optimistic since the last period is usually the strongest, but to be successful we need your help. We’ll appreciate if you spread the word if you like Turris Mox to reach our goal and also don’t forget that you can use Turris MOX referral program and if somebody buys it you will get 15% back in credit, which you can use for example ETH upgrade free of charge.

We hope that you like it! :slight_smile:


Many thanks especially for RAM upgrade.

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I think that according to indiegogo mox campaign progress, this project is dead. To
reach the goal NIC must sell products with rate 300$ per hour instead they sell much much less.

We will see (what happens)! :slight_smile:

Even with expanded memory MOX offer Indiegogo income is stil behind expectations. Since today NIC should get 322$ per hour to succeed in the campaign…

I think it’s been more like $100 /h during the past week, i.e. not enough to get to 100 %, but we might expect a significant rush just before the end (it happened with Omnia), so we’ll see…

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