Turris Mox powers down

I’ve got a Mox A setup as a wireless access according to the instructions. Seems to work fine, red light flashes, I can use the access point to connect to the LAN and the internet via the main router (a Turris Omnia). However after about a week, the light turns off and the unit cannot be contacted, nor is it transmitting a signal. Unplugging and replugging makes it work again. I’ve got a POE module connected but am using the included wall wart. Hoping this is not a hardware problem, but simply some weird sleep condition…

Maybe you have the same problem as me (and others) of the device rebooting and then being stalled? Did you check what happens when you try to reboot it?

Rebooting by pulling the power works every time. The logs don’t show anything unusual. There’s no software access of course so no other way to reboot, as far as I know.

rebooting by pulling the power works for me too, but its not ideal I think. especially when you don’t know what MOX is doing when he stops responding. it can make further issue with SD card etc.

Oh, now I get it! I rebooted while it was operational using the software reboot, and sure enough, it craps out. So perhaps it’s rebooting on its own and then stalling out. What’s the solution?

That’s exactly what I meant. It’s a known issue and apparently under investigation by Turris support. I have the same problem and so have several others. It seems that some people don’t have the problem. So there’s no solution known yet, unfortunately.

Thanks, good to know. Is there another thread here that I can follow where this has been discussed and we can expect a solution eventually?

Yes - here Reboot doesn't work

and check also https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/turris-build/issues/82

and if you are brave look at

Noticed that this problem got fixed, at least on my device, and so wanted to document that here. Presumably that was the result of the last commit…

@ mostlyharmlessone Thanks for the info. Which branch are you using? I tried yesterday, switched to HBT branch, but reboot still doesn’t seem to work for me.

Hmm, spoke too soon. My device doesn’t randomly freeze any more and runs successfully for weeks, but software reboot still hangs. So I’m not sure what was causing the previous problem I had. I had assumed it was trying to reboot. Anyway, I’m on TurrisOS 4.0.1 6dd7d54 / LuCI branch (git-19.281.83314-e07781f)

@Pepe do you know if this is meanwhile fixed in one of the development branches?
I noted that in the GitLab, @mbehun wrote about a month ago he worked on it. But is it fixed?
( https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/mox-boot-builder/commit/767f4c7ee11050883d1668ebc9c4156a4725e1d0 )

We are still investigating this issue and working on it. If there is anything new, we will let you know about it here and also in the Gitlab issue.