Turris Mox Platform Upgrade Path

I’ve been researching a device to replace my Linksys WRT3200ACM and Linksys SE4008, and whenever fiber reaches me, my Arris Surfboard modem.

To that goal, nothing matches the Mox.

However, I have some concerns about the upgrade path and future plans for this platform.

If I build out a Mox to what I want:
PABWEED (Mox Configurator)

It will be a significant investment and will take me a very long time to pay it off.

What is the plan for this platform? Would a Mox2 replace the A module and be completely compatible with the other modules, enabling me to get a faster CPU and more RAM if I need it down the line?

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thats the same question i have, since the current MOX cpu has difficulties with a fiber 1 GB PPPOE on the WAN side…
So, i am hoping for a update on the main CPU board/section.

And for you, i would go for the Omnia, unless you want specific MOX options like more LAN, etc.

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Hi, what use do you foresee ? Modularity is nice, but the question is whether it is intended just because it is technically possible to put together … or because it is operationally necessary. Why did you reject Turris for your purposes ?

As a layman I recommend you to read the forum, you will find that I keep up to date the very first versions of Turris 1, which are on a different HW basis.

My Turris Omnia router is from 2016 (7 years old) and the update is running. :slight_smile:

I myself have a 2014 (9 years old) Synology DS211j NAS that has already stopped update support. Yet Synology support is generally at a very high level.

Generally you can expect update support for HW max 10 years. The worst thing that can happen to you in 10 years is a failure of one module with no replacement and moral obsolescence. SW support (security updates) will probably be available.

If you insist on a guaranteed solution both in terms of HW service and SW support you have to consider a professional paid solution, where service and parts are extremely expensive (intel processor for office PC after 10 years is worth four times the market)

Personally, I would not plan the lifetime of a modular model for more than 10 years and especially I would think about the possibility of failure of one module and thus possible devaluation of the whole investment.

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Because I didn’t know Turris existed back in 2016 when I built out my current network :person_shrugging:
Seven years on, I’m tired of my Linksys WRT3200ACM being my third job, and I want more LAN ports as well as being able to simplify my hardware portfolio.

I made the mistake of buying a Terra-Master which I would love to replace with a potential future Mox module, or maybe a Pine64 build.

So in summary, there is no known plan for the Mox and I’m likely buying into a dead platform. Thanks for your help.

Your question about the plan around Mox needs to be answered by one of the forum admins, they will have better information than me. My answer is my personal views.

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I want the ability to build out a NAS like the Omnia, but I want the Lan ports and PoE of the Mox.

It would appear that I’m in a pickle :rofl:

nah, i think it is better to do seperate HW setups? Like a ( recent ) Omnia ( rock solid, updating all the time ) a separate switch for your PoE needs, and a separate NAS?

Simply because one can have everything up to your pers needs and standards. I have a synology NAS for example, but no need for PoE. But PoE switches are dead cheap these days,.

Also, in another topic here i asked if it would be possible to upgrade certain parts of the current mox…( like the main CPU board ) and if that is compatible with the current expansions…that i do not know, but i’m sure the techies from CZ do

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I’d appreciate any input from Turris themselves, if possible.

The Mox seems pretty incredible, and almost 100% what I want/need, but I’d really like to know what the plans are for the platform before I dedicate a lot of money and time to migrating over.

Even if the answer is the Mox is all there will ever be with the modules, at least I know and can consider that when determining how to move forward.

Turris MOX was an unique idea and big revolution in how to make routers. Unfortunately its perception by public wasn’t as good as we hoped for - seems like the world isn’t ready for/doesn’t understand MOX yet. At the moment we have no plans to extend MOX ecosystem. We are working on other projects - more powerful 10Gbit device and we are also thinking about more compact and affordable device while still keeping in mind Turris Omnia and how to keep it relevant. So don’t expect any new additions to MOX this year. We might reiterate on the concept in the future once we finish our current projects, but we would have to figure out how to make it more understandable.

TLDR: So the honest answer is no plans at the moment, but can’t rule them out for the future.


Hopefully one day… the world is still in a place where buying tons of devices and planned obsolescence are seen as normal… modular and configurable systems are not appealing to consumers. This annoys me personally but I can see why you got that feedback… :frowning:

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