Turris Mox Pairing last step

I have bought a Turris Mox to act as a AP attached to my Turris Router to cover all my house with Wifi.
in Foris, my Wifi 1 is my Wifi 5G and my Wifi 2 is a wifi 2,4GHz.
I have successfully paired the Turris MOX (3 times, I feel like a pro now) with my turris router.
No problems until now.
I can see the Mox paired and the black circle with no exclamation. I suppose that means everything is ok as Mox has heartbeat red led.
The problem is when I want now to move the Mox to another place. I disconnect it and when I connect it again it does not pair again with the router.

I don’t know how to solve that. I have failed all 3 times as I just plug out the power, the network cable, move the mox to another place and power it on. Then red led turns on and it stays like this… and in Foris I see an exclamation point in the middle of the circle.

Has someone met this problem?
What am I doing wrong?