Turris Mox F package contents

Hi, as I’m a happy user of my IGG Power Wi-Fi set, I decided it’s time to make the most of my purchase. I’m currently running a random USB drive as a network storage and I intend to expand on that so that my PC is not responsible for all of my drives. I’m quite interested in purchasing the F module, but could not find the contents of the package anywhere. I assume there’s the plastic housing for the PCB as standard but what about the additional power supply? Do I have to source that elsewhere? If so, what’s the required voltage/amp?

Also are there any meaningful benefits (outside of aesthetics) of purchasing module F instead of powered USB hub (let’s say some decent powered icybox)?

PS: I have the Module G upgrade needed.

I’d think that power supply is not included, but I don’t know for sure.

There’s some docs in case you’ve missed it: MOX F (USB) - Turris Documentation The amperes don’t seem much meaningful – you need to have enough to power your combination while avoiding to get over those ~50W.

This one seems intriguing:

I presume that (dis)advantages like speed sharing would be of little concern, if we have USB3.

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I don’t know how did I miss the documentation page about MOX modules. It looks to be quite helpful in this case.

If using MOX F use this module to power the whole set. It‘s possible to power the whole set from MOX F without using the power supply from MOX A. It is also possible to use both power supplies from MOX A and F at the same time.

In my tests with unpowered USB hub I guess I’ve hit the current limit over single USB port that my MOX has, but the included power supply itself is strong enough to run few HDDs (they’re 2.5" drives anyway). So if I understand this correctly - I can plug the power supply to F and power the whole thing and circumvent the USB port current limit at the same time? That would be super cool and I hope I get some confirmation on that.

Thanks for your help @vcunat .

Yes, if current per USB port is the (only) limiting factor now, I’d think that using either F (with the same power supply) or a powered hub would work, but I don’t consider myself knowledgeable around these things.

For anyone interested. G comes with the plastic obviously, but no power supply. Seems that there are more system bottlenecks than I anticipated as G (with factory Wi-Fi) does not mix well with F.