Turris MOX bricked? - LED flashing 2 times, doing nothing else

after trying to factory-reset my MOX, it doesn’t work anymore, only flashing red two-times fast then pausing for one second … indefinitely . No LAN-Access, nothing to connect with/to.
I tried the different rescue-modes but I can’t enter them. It’s only “booting” into the two-times-flashing, which continues indefinitely. Period.
Can anybody tell me, what the “two-time-LED-flashing-1-second-pause-loop” means?

This is normal status … red LED flashing two times and then pausing one second … heartbeat mode.
Your router probably works well


Are you netbooting it or booting from an sd card?

Sorry, should have read the manual first (although the rescue modes did not work). But that was really the heartbeat. It did work indeed with another LAN-configuration.
Thanks for the friendly support,