Turris interface connecting to fonts.googleapis.com causing slowdown

The reForis interface in 7.0.0 is connecting to fonts.googleapis.com and fonts.gstatic.com, which causes massive slowdowns when the internet connection is slow (bytes/s) and the interface becomes either unusuable or it takes a long time for any activity to finish (typically spending far too long on the Reconnecting spinning wheel).

A workaround is to block the domains, so that the browser immediately fails the connection to external sources and proceeds without them.

The reForis interface shouldn’t depend on any external sources, either integrate the fonts, or get rid of them. It’s a technical interface anyway, we don’t need fancy fonts, default internet fonts work too.


Without connected to internet at all, the connection to fonts.googleapis.com of course immediately fails and so reForis can proceed normally instead of wait.

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Thanks for your information. It’s surely a bug because we don’t want to include any remote content, especially from spies like Google. I’ve created an issue.