Turris as firewall only

I wonder if someone is using TO as firewall only, with own router behind it.


I have working home network with cable modem in bridge mode connected to my router which is doing also dhcp, dns, firewall etc., wireless AP is connected also to this router.

I have borrowed TO (without wifi) for few months (maybe for ever:-), now is connected into my network as client, I am playing with LXC on it.

My idea was, what if I will connect it between cable modem and router and it will act as firewall and LXC host. All routing, vlans, qos etc will be done by current router.

Does anyone tried similar setup? Is there any documentaton, how-to or article how to achieve this?

Why ? Why other useless devices? Tell us your reason for complicated solutions ? Increase consumption - zero profit ? 10W * 87400 = 87 kW/year. Where is the green planet ? :slight_smile:

  1. modem + Omnia (All routing, vlans, qos etc, … LXC)
  2. modem + Omnia + youre router
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OK, this is quite typical behaviour on linux forums - you ask question and got response from someone who is really not responding but trying to persuade you you are wrong:-)

Answer to your question is in my initial question - I have spare TO already connected to network as client and as it is already running I would like to try to use that as extra firewall.

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It should be feasible, though adding complexity, by assigning the current router to the TOS’s fw LAN zone and allow/forward the traffic for ISP authentication to pass through to the other router.