Turris app F-Droid submission

Hello, a few moments ago I’ve made an issue about the Turris app to F-Droid’s submission queue and I encourage you (especially the staff) to show your support so it can get there in short time.

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There are some concerns about Turris app usage of precompiled jar file and CZ.NIC locked repository. Could you take a look at that?

Today around midnight I dropped an e-mail to the Turris team with my request and URL to this forum post.

It would also be be helpful to mention in the description that if the scanner in app doesnt work you can use an alternative barcode scanner to scan in the QR code as the turris app picks up the turris:// url encoded in it and registers properly, its not mentioned in the google play store either

just letting everybody know that you can find our Android app in F-droid.


I’d love to install the app. Alas run into a small problem that I didn’t have in past. Basically lost my phone, got a new one, so have to reinstall it. Alas I follow the help and it takes me to a QR code and a QR scanner, but the scanner never recognizes the code. I see no UI button or anything to take a scan and it’s not recognizing the QR code autonomously, I hold it in frame until the QR code expires on my screen.

Here’s what I see:


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The problem with deformation of QR codes is very good known … but unfortunatelly it hasn’t solved yet.

The change of QR scanner application helped me on my Android phone.

Can you tell me how you used another QR scanner? as in which app specifically and how you used it as the Turris app seems to open its own during the config phase.

I installed some QR code reader app from Google Play to my Android phone, then I scanned the code and clicked to the link which the scanner app read.

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QR Droid Code Scanner has worked for me.

Thanks that worked. The app itself should make that recommendation Turris! Why build a QR scanner int hat does not work, and not accept that QR scanning is a problem well solved by others and not your core competency, and just have the app recommend the user download and use a QR scanner app (perhaps suggesting a tested one and offering to download and install it).

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