Turris android app messages

Would it be possible to receive the messages from the Turris android app in English?
At the moment they are in Czech (I would guess), while most are still understandable some require me to break out google translate :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:


+1 from me. Makes no sense to get these messages in Czech when the rest of the app is in English.

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In deed, messages in English (and other languages, e.g. German) would be a benefit for most Turris Omnia community members.

But not only language is somehow a deal-breaker. As a FOSS enthusiast I only use apps provided by F-Droid:

Thank you for your suggestions. We are actively planning on reworking notification system in Turris. Currently it’s just a bunch of shell scripts supporting just the Czech and English. We want to be able to let community to translate some basic messages (as from updater). But officially we probably won’t support other languages than Czech and English as those are languages the whole team can cope with.

Me too. But if I understand f-droid inclusion policy right there is nothing against anyone submitting inclusion request, it doesn’t have to be original author. So you can go ahead and submit. :wink:

Makes sense, you support “officially” Czech and English only. For other languages it’s fine, when your communicate / “promote” web address of Turris Omnia community translation on-again-off-again:

Oh boy, I’m not a techie at all, just a simple FOSS enthusiast and user. And I know my limits. Thus, I’m pretty sure, such endeavor like submitting to F-Droid would end-up in a gigantic disaster.

I actually thought this was a bug. Updater messages in Turris (I have the android app) appear in in Czech, but the exact same messages from the same Omnia appear in Foris in English.

Surely this is a bug? Shouldn’t the Turris app respect the language selection like how Foris does?

Whether some changes are made about how Turris displays messages or not won’t matter if it does not respect the language selection.