Turris android app: Dead or alive?

I just installed the Turris Android app again. Only to find that well, still, all the messages it shows me are in Czech. Not really useful to me, and I imagine a fair portion of the possible user base. So I hopped on-line to look. And what do I find?

Well the issue is logged, but blocked:

The source code repo:

does not support or accept logging of issues (by inference is not interested in feedback at all), has seen no commits in the last 10 months, and has as it top, master project member, someone labeled as “Blocked”

And to cap it off, it has a defunct built in QR scanner as noted here:

none of which lends a vibrant positive image of living project to me.

I could leave it there and simply conclude this app is not a priority at Turris at all (open to learning better there) and ask if Turris wants to encourage community contribs (distributed development and maintenance). Just curious.

No comments yet from anyone involved with the Apps maintenance? Not a good sign.

Yes, there is nobody dedicated to App development, as we are focused on Foris/Web interface. At the moment, we have no use-case for mobile app (we don’t see value in temperature-charts).

We will renew app progress with Pakon (Parental Control) addition. We see meaning in that.


I kind of agree on @Tangero’s point of view there. I don’t see much added value in a mobile app either (other then providing a mobile forris/luci clone). What should it do extra?

I’d rather have the dev team focus on the core functionality of the router itself (incl. forris/luci), until I see a high enough value use-case for it.

Although; it would be a nice personal project to work on one… hmmm :smirk:

Surely it’s not a big job to fix the app to report messages in English and drop the broken QR code scanner? Sure there are priorities, but having a clearly broken app out there is worse than none at all. So if no-one’s keen to fix it, perhaps Turris should pull it from circulation until someone will. It’s a nicety not an essential I agree, but then the Omnia rocks in no small part because of such niceties among its many other benefits, surely?

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It’s better dead than just bad and unmaintained.

Tend to agree. A bad look as it stands. And sadly I don’t even think it much work to support English messages and toss out the fault QR reader replacing it with a recommendation to use any downloadable QR scanner.

Just a heads up that if it had English messages that I use the Omnia news service for notifying me of various things I like to keep and eye on and I actually like seeing it on my phone. Notably when my WAN IP changes and when new devices connect etc.