Turris and provider UPC

For my second place - could you recommend me some easy cabel modem just to connect UPC network to Turris? I would like to prefer Turris insted Technicolor TC 7200.

Most modems can be switched to bridge mode (turn off routing)

Technicolor TC 7200 can be switched to bridge mode. That’s the best you can do with UPC. As stated in other threads - DOCSIS module for Turris won’t be available. And even if it were, I doubt UPC would allow it.

With CATV access networks, you are usually forced to use only devices sold by/approved by CATV operator. So take the cheapeast modem they offer and put it into bridge mode if possible.

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At least in Germany you’re going to be free soon :smiley:


I am using bridge mode as long as I can remember.

@M4x i think they will find their way to keep it like it is currently. An Ethernet port is passive. The bridge is part of their network.

I’m going to bridge my router as soon as the Turris Omnia arrives (like @Ondrej_Caletka suggested). But my provider wants to see some extra $ for enabling Wifi - that’s why there is an old WRT54GL with dd-wrt which serves as an AP. Now I can get rid of it soon and already have some space for external hard drives (or other nice stuff) :relaxed:

@adminX no, the “cable socket” in the wall is going to be the end of there network. The bridge is going to be part of mine network. It’s already written down in the law!


Just a note: the Technicolor TC7200 from UPC does not support bridge mode if you have IPv6: https://support-en.upc-cablecom.ch/app/answers/detail/a_id/6327/~/bridge-mode-with-technicolor-wlan-modem

UPC Česká republika doesn’t support IPv6 yet. Someone said at upczone.cz that bridge mode was removed from firmware I think that it was only in Slovak republic, but we will see if it will applies to Czech.

Anyway I would suggest buy Cisco EPC3208 from bazos.cz/aukro.cz it cost around 200-300CZK.

Does that Cisco work with 300mbps speed?

Yes, Cisco without WiFi can work with 300Mbps, but 350 Mbits (business in Czech republic) it can’t handle :frowning:

EPC 3208 can handle max 440Mbps, so i think it can handle with 350Mbps - http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/video/cable-modems-digital-voice-emta-edva/7017300.pdf


I don’t want to open new thread as my question is related to UPC so I’ll try to bump this ancient one.

Does anybody use TO on UPC network with bridge mode modem and Horizon Mediabox? Should be the Mediabox connected to the TO or to the modem together with the TO?
I’ve connected it to the TO but the network services does not work (VoD,replay etc.). it’s necessary to create some firewall rules or igmp multicast?

I see that you live in Slovakia, so it will be easy.
Mediabox is manufactured from Kaon, right? It isnt Pace, right? As I found on UPC.sk you should have Kaon.So it isn’t modem.

First put modem (Cisco/Technicolor/Compal) to bridge. You can try it even with double NAT, but UPC provided modem it’s not good as Turris Omnia. :slight_smile:
Plug one cable from modem to Turris Omnia’s WAN and it will work flawlessly. You don’t need to create any firewall rules or even igmp multicast.

Put cable into Kaon and other end to modem or Turris (doesnt matter at all).
Dont forget to restart Kaon and also look at menu in stb if you have assigned IP. (you should have it by default)

Is your Turris Omnia working? Did you pass it through wizard?

that’s exactly what I did and it does not work. That’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

EDIT: TO is working. I have multiple other clients connected via cable or wlan without any issues.

EDIT2: unplugging Mediabox from power for a while solved it. Thanks

I’m back again :slight_smile: :frowning:

It’s not working again (nearly a month). Am I the only one with not working replay with UPC provider? :frowning:

when I reset the UPC modem to factory defaults (router mode) it works, when I set bridge mode and connect STB directly to the UPC modem it works too. But if I plug the TO to the modem and STB to the TO replay does not work ;(

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Only replay doesn’t work or internet doesn’t work at all?
What I heard from UPC Slovakia it was they were migrating existing and new customers to IPv6.

Hi Pepe,

thanks for reply.

Replay and “Internet” (apps that require internet connection) on STB doesn’t work. Every other client on TO (LAN or WLAN) works fine.

I also assume that it stopped working after some IPv6 configuration changes they made. But in bridge mode TO doesn’t show WAN IPv6 interface and in TO Simple GUI webinterface “connection check” it shows green check mark on IPv6 connectivity bud red one on IPv6 gateway availability so I guess I’m still connected in IPv4 mode (BTW everything else is green on the “connection chceck” page)