Turris Academy - new date announcements & recorded TAs to watch

Hello to all,

This is the place for new date announcements & recorded Turris Academies to watch, that we will be sharing with the community.

Thanks for tuning in as well as suggestions for the potential topics that should be covered in some of the next runs of TA.


Turris Academy #1: Turris Omnia unboxing and first setup

Turris Academy #2: Easy OpenVPN setup on Turris routers

Turris Academy #3: Turris WebApps - NetData and Transmission

Hope this is the right place to post: I’m suggesting the subject of configuring the 4G LTE software. As more 4G/5G masts go up, an increasing number of users are ditching landlines altogether; what with so many on the move about Europe. What I’m referring to is configuring for LTE only. No fixed line. However, this also appears to be problematic for the Haas Honeypot service. Any tips would be most appreciated.


Thanks, noted. It goes to the list of possible future topics for TA.

Turris Academy #4: Site 2 Site VPN using WireGuard on Turris routers

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Turris Academy #5: Snapshots and backups

Turris Academy #6: PaKon - Parental Control in real life

oh boy oh boy, i would love to see a simple video of how to make this wireguard between 2 systems, one 192.x and a remote 10.x system.
And config most part in Luci :slight_smile: i already have the key, they see eachother, handshake is there…but now how to connect it tothe local lan :slight_smile: