Turris 1.X lan download/upload speed problem

i have turris 1 (foris version: 100.5) and i have a problem yesterday i connect my PC in other site of flat to turis over 25m long cable and my speed over turris WiFi is 150+mb/s but over Cabel bearly 40+mb/s and led port on turis whit on other ports green is red when data going threw cable it blink red. i try 2 cables 15 different type of connectors and without change. interesting thing is when i try 2m cable speed is 150+mb/s can anybody help me.

What i tried:
Factory restart,
different cable (cat5/cat6),
different connectors.
disable all packages like (pakon/suricate/netmeter)

PS: jsem čech takže pokud se vám nece psát anglicky tak napište klidně česky :slight_smile:

can be duplex problem. Did both sides use duplex autonegotiation?
if one side uses negotiation and other does not, problems can appear.

… there’s czech forum for czech questions