Turris 1.x auto-updated itself to 5.0

So, weird thing just happened. About a week back, I’ve updated my turris 1.1 to OS 4.0.5 (stable).
And today, without doing anything, router just restarted and now I’m running on version 5.0. Only changes I was doing today were regarding some wifi configuration (channel, power, etc), nothing else. How did this happen?
Also after update, I’m having “few” errors… like “You deinstalled btrfs support but your router is still using it, so it will likelly break.” but also
“The system was updated, but some changes will take effect only after reboot. Please reboot the device.”
So I’m kind of scared to reboot it now…

Can someone tell me what is going on and what to do? :smiley:

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Yeah, noticed that right after I posted this… but still not sure about that BTRFS warning.

Maybe because the package name was changed from turris-btrfs to turris1x-btrfs .

I can confirm your findings. The package was renamed, indeed. If you want to be confident, then check that there is installed turris1x-btrfs and if there it is, you are safe.


Thank you, I can confirm the package is installed. I’ve just rebooted the router and seems everything is fine. Anyways, such a message makes one uneasy :slight_smile:

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