Turris 1.1 Hard Reset - How-to?

I have a Turris 1.1 router with an SD card and would like to do a factory reset and install the latest stable firmware.

I’ve tried to find the instructions to do a hard reset to install the firmware - either using the SD card or an inserted USB Drive. How is it done?

Appreciate any help.



Push the reset button at the rear panel >10sec.

Unfortunately that does not work :frowning: Anything else I can try?

If you are using booting from the microSD card, you can use advantages of Btrfs and do this for the first time:

wget https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/medkit/turris1x-medkit-latest.tar.gz
schnapps import -f turris1x-medkit-*.tar.gz
schnapps rollback factory

It will download the latest Turris OS 5.x image and then import it to factory snapshot and then you will need to rollback to factory image. Afterwards, you can start configure your router from scratch.

it’s a Turris 1.1 device. I can’t get it to boot at all.

Do you suggest I remove the MicroSD card, format it (on OS X or linux) , then place turris1x-medkit-latest.tar.gz on it, then place it back in the Turris device, and then reboot?

Two observations…

  1. These instructions on recovery mode seem to work quite nice on the Omnia, but I don’t think apply to a 1.1 device
  2. Would these instructions help at all? http://www.bajty.eu/2017/01/turris-instalace-firmware.html ?

This is not what you said in OP and it is very important detail. If it does not boot, you should reach our technical support and they will figure it out. Most likely, they could ask you to plug serial cable (microUSB cable) for more details.

If it does not boot, removing the microSD card won’t help and I though that you wanted to do just hard reset/factory reset while having running system from microSD card.

@Pepe thanks for your quick reply. What is the best contact person to get in touch with at Technical Support ?

I agree, i’ll likely need to use a MicroUSB cable … I have one. But , want to coordinate with tech support so can figure out the steps to follow using OS X (or Linux )

I’ve written support and have not heard anything yet.

The device is mission critical, so keen to fix/repair the device ASAP. Otherwise, I’ll see what options are available for me to order & have delivered to Canada a Super-Ethernet module for my existing Mox.

There are always things, which can be improved. I think that 2 days for a reply are somehow acceptable. It is not an online chat and there isn’t 24/7 live support. However, I replied to you a few hours ago.

Try contact any other device manufacturer.

Many thanks to the Turris team. With their help I have been able to recover the device and get it updated to the latest version of the Turris OS.

I will post an entry in the wiki with details so that others with a 1.1 device know what to so should they run into the same problem.

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@rguerra have you updated the documentation?

I documented my steps to do a hard reset on the Turris wiki. Here’ the link