Turn off automatic reboot

Need a feature in LuCi to turn off/on automatic reboots. Also agree with @Comodore125 that we need to be able to set day of the week; and I’d suggest longer periods. I may prefer to boot every two weeks, for example. This may sound like a great way to miss fixing important bugs, but I figure if we can get admin updates on fixes that are being implemented, we admins can work that out for ourselves (i.e. manual reboot).

This control is important because I suspect the auto reboot is causing my DHCP / network failure problems.

Yes I can fiddle cron, but frankly why not admin this from the LuCi UI? I have 5 variants of Linux across my network. I really don’t want to keep track of how each feature is implemented in each o/s. Just want to control from the UI and already amazingly automated Omnia.


Sorry - I attempted to reply to an existing thread but must have done something wrong. Looks like I created a new topic.

crontab format has been pretty consistent for the past 25 years with the addition of @ notation.

want to reboot twice a month? try adding to your crontab:

0 1 15,30 * * /sbin/reboot

Will reboot at 01:00 on the 15 & 30th of each month.

In any case, requests for changes to LuCI would be better directed at the OpenWRT group, who maintains LuCI. They have some documentation addressing your request: