Troubles in setting up my new MOX A+C

Hi all,

WAN is connected to my home network and LAN is connected to my laptop, I also connected the serial console and therefore I’ve direct access.

I’m not familiar with OpenWRT and don’t fiddle with anything but I got familiar with triggering the recovery both via pin button and console prompt. I’d like to get acquainted with the device before putting it in charge of my network.

In essence, if I factory reset it I can get the ipv4 lease and access the first wizard. I can walk through all of it (WAN is a basic ipv4/ipv6 dhclient config, LAN is on all the 4 eth, foris+root passwords are set, obviously no wifi, no guest, no data acquisition or dynamic firewall or other fancy stuff - these are for later).

Then the first software upgrade happens, I see the Upgrader tab in Foris working out but if I click on it I get a nice exception in the web app - ok, I decide I don’t care of it and I leave it on its own. After a while I see all the nice notifications (I love them all!) that confirm quite some updates have been installed. Then I hit Reboot, to finish it properly.

At this point the device comes up but does not give me the ipv4 lease any more, I get an ipv6 one (like the one I got right before the ipv4 arrival during the first round) but no traces of ipv4. The console confirms that everything booted, ‘ip addr’ confirms that the carrier is detected on some eth of the LAN. I can ping the ipv6 address from which the ipv6 lease arrived from but I cannot use that same address to access Foris (I know of the weird way to specify an ipv6 address in Firefox but no luck with Foris - neither https nor http).

At this point I trigger the factory reset and I start from scratch, in the hope of catching some unusual setting I inadvertently set at first try. I run the steps as lean as possible but again, after the upgrade+reboot I get into the same situation.

It’s as if the new update brings in flawed software but I can’t believe it. I need a reliable device that can be updated to stay ahead of the tide without worries, that’s for me the whole point of Turris.

I need some pointers to start digging into this problem. Any help is deeply appreciated.


Just as a suggestion - flash the latest TurrisOS version using the appropriate pin prompts (don’t know if that also works from serial, but there’s a wiki entry for the button prompts). Or install it by retrieving the microSD-card and and putting it into a linux PC (again there’s a wiki entry for this).

Edit: I know, that’s only a workaround, but maybe your initial installation is somehow corrupted.

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I went for rescue mode number 6 and it worked like a charm. On the console I could see some issues in verifying the medkit’s signature, something suboptimal but that is for another topic.

Indeed after the recovery I went through the first wizard, the Updater found again some updates but nothing required a reboot, which I anyway did. The device came back and the ipv4 lease is received instantaneously.

Apparently there was something wrong and, generally speaking, cannot be a bad idea to flash from an verified source (ehm…) as very fist step.

Thanks for the tip!