Troubles after factory reset -- all red lights


I bought a Turris Omnia router a long time ago, and recently decided to connect it up and try and get it going. Because I had done some configuration before, but didn’t know passwords, etc. I decided to do a factory reset. The result of that was that it sat with all lights red indefinitely after the reset. I power cycled it after the red lights, and it appeared to boot semi-normally, but there was no DHCP after the reset.

Here is the information on which device it is:

  • model RTR0M01
  • SN 47244707950

To reset it, I pressed the recessed button on the back panel for 6+ seconds as suggested by the Google-translated Czech instructions. It went through many of the sequences (blue then green lights) suggested by the page, but then it lit all lights up red. What’s wrong here?

as far as I remember there was a dhcp issue in earlier releases, so if you can arrive at a state with only dhcp missing, you can start dhcp server manually and to make it permanent set “maindhcp” to “1” instead of “0” in /etc/config/dhcp (“odhcp” section).

Did you do it correctly? All LEDs red means doing something dangerous or in rescue mode waiting for input on serial console. Take a look here regarding factory reset:

I didn’t have WAN connectivity at first. Later I redid it with WAN enabled and it seems to be working now… But it didn’t reset the configuration at all - it just didn’t fault any more.

Does that sound like it could have caused it?