Trouble with VLAN setting on 6.2.4 with Luci

Hello, I did a factory reset on omni 2020. After restart it upgraded to TurrisOS 6.2.4 kernel 5.15.94
I set IP for LAN as ‘computer’, otherwise, I can’t set de default gateway to my existing router.

With this fresh install, I wanted to set-up VLANs and I experienced issues.
In the Luci → network → Interfaces → Devices tab, I selected ‘br-lan’ ‘configure’ then tab ‘Bridge Valn filtering’
I selected ‘enable vlan filtering’ and I added a Vlan.

I then had the 1st issue: when selecting ‘save’ nothing occurred on screen / no confirmation, no error mentioned, and the configuration window stayed in front
The only way to return to original menu is to click ‘dismiss’

Then the 2nd issue occurred: the little bar on the top right indicated ‘refreshing’ (as we would expect when no change is save) and when clicking ‘save and apply’ nothing happened (as exped). But, when I clicked ‘reset’ on the device, many changes then appeared in the top right little bar, and looking into it, I can see the provision for the creation of the VLAN as many times as I clicked save when I was in the device configuration window!
So changes were stored somewhere but not available and then made available…

Then 3rd issue appeared: if I click ‘save and apply’, the VLAN is created but the ‘br-lan’ is reset (not unexpected given that I clicked on ‘reset’ to make the changes appeared).
Such confg is off course unstable and I had to reset to do a hard factory reset again…

I tried multiple times, with similar results (unable to create VLAN and had to do factory reset again).

Why is my initial ‘save’ doing such a weird behavior?
Am I doing something wrong and/or is it a bug?

If it is a feature, such behaviour is so counterintuitive…

This seems to be a bug in LuCI. There is a workaround. As a first step, enable Bridge Vlan filtering without configuring any other VLANs and save and apply the configuration.
After this LuCI will behave.

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Thanks Hagrid :sweat_smile:

The way I made the VLAN setting is the following:

Step 1: create and configure the management VLAN so to avoid loosing the router again
Add a new device corresponding to management VLAN number and based on br-lan
save but not apply yet
Change the LAN interface so to rely on the new VLAN device
save but not apply yet
the management VLAN will be tagged on the omnia after ‘apply’ so be prepared on the others routers/switches to make necessary changes in the 90sec window to send/receive tagged frames to omnia on management VLAN
apply changes on the omnia
apply changes in the rest of the network
It worked: I now communicate with Luci on Omnia on the tagged management VLAN

Step 2: make the configuration for the VLANs on the DSA bridge
Strangely enough, the ‘br-lan’ device seems not to be aware of VLANs yet, although I created the management VLAN on this device.
Use hagrid workaround to make it work
Set-up all VLANs in the ‘br-lan’ device (in my case, only management VLAN has a ‘local’ access)
save and apply

Now all seems to work as expected

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