Traffic Mirroring on Turris OS 4.x?

I am curious to know if iptables-mod-tee will be supported in Turris OS 4? Is there a resource that I can track package support in TOS 4?

Aside from iptables-mod-tee, would it be possible to mirror the traffic by having the SoC mirror it? I would think that would be the best way, but I never got the impression that was possible. Of course, hardware mirroring would only be possible if the third interface was working and it was supported by the hardware.

I am also curious about the inclusion of iptables-mod-tee.

TOS5 definitely provides iptables-mod-tee and kmod-ipt-tee and whilst the package list of TOS4 is not an exact replica those two packages are likely going to be available there as well.

Unless being patched by downstream packages are mostly and foremost being provided by upstream for TOS4.x and onwards.

You could look into the respective repositories

or look into the sources of code development at either platform.

Afaik the SoC firmware does not provide such feature, and am I not aware that any other CPU (or GPU) does. Mirroring is done by the kernel’s netfilter an/or (e)BPF and requires userland (ipt and/or nft) for tuning.