Tracking last seen devices


I’m looking for a way to track devices, and when they were last seen. Is there any way to do this natively on the Turris Omnia?
The devices are not connecting directly to the wireless of the Turris, but to an external wireless solution that is connected to the Turris. So I guess the best way to keep track of when devices where last active is to keep a list of when a mac address was last seen.
The reason I want to track devices is to make home automation rules based on whether a device has been active lately or not. From what I now, iPhones are not connected to the network when they are sleeping, except when they are doing background updates, so a ping sweep will not detect the device unless it’s doing something at the moment the sweep is running. Also, IPv6 will make it impossible to do ping sweeps.

Probably nothing built in. If you have a database installed, you might consider logging the arp cache periodically. Maybe once a minute. It might be a lot of cycles if you have a lot of hosts, but it would keep a record.

You could try using majordomo for this task too, but you’d need to figure out how to parse the logs to your liking. I believe majordomo condenses the logs after a while as well.

And what an IP address lease … lease must set a shorter … 1-3 hours.

Then you can see who has been connected before 1-3 hours ago

Logging the arp cache or short DHCP leases could be a way to do it.
I will also look into majordomo to see if it’s possible to collect the data from there.

Thanks! :slight_smile: