TOS Major version updates

Not sure what I missed ?

I have a Turris Omnia router with OS version 3.11.15 (kernel 4.4.199xxxx)

I have always since several years activate the automatic updates

But why doesn’t the software update the major version, I notice there is a version 4.x.x released 5.10.2019 and my router didn’t automatic update to this version.

Strange my router is not up to date with the latest software

Do I need to manually update major versions or shall it be done automatically ?

Can anyone help me explain how this works

This might help

Thanks for that information.
So they are " working on automatic migration from Turris OS 3.x version to Turris OS 5.x.", nice

but if someone know why my router is still on version 3.x.x instead of automatically update to the latest software I would be interested to know. I mean if we have the router in “Automatically upgrade” then I would expect the router to be up to date with the latest stable software version as soon as the software is released. Clearly something i don’t understand her

There is no config migration for 3.x to 4.x so an update would prabably break your system. Therefore automatic updates won’t update to 4.x
If you want to use 4.x you have to do so manually.

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That effort is dragging on since more than one year and may never cover all use cases anyway.

That applies to stable firmware releases which currently is the 3.x branch, 4.x development been abandoned and 5.x not being a stable release.

As explained the migration script is not ready and may take some time longer, if ever completed.

I guess it depends on what you expect from the “up to date” release.
The 3.x branch is “up to date”. It is actively maintained, bugs and security issues are fixed in new point releases (e.g. see the changes for 3.11.16, which is currently in the RC branch). As far as routers are concerned stability and security beat everything and 3.11.x fits these criteria.
My guess is that when there is a new main version, e.g. 5.x, an upgrade path will be described, maybe even an automatic one.

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Thank you all for your help and make this a little more clear for me, I appreciate it very much

So I should continue to use the ver 3.x.x. until ver 5 is stable and released. If there is no automatic migration after some time I guess I should do this upgrade manually, this is the smart solution right or ?


Well, that’s what I would do, but others might disagree.

Due to the lack of an automatic upgrade path I’m also “stuck” (I don’t really mind as long as there are updates) on 3.x.x.

I feel like I am stuck until this is available as well, at least until I can have some uninterrupted time to take my router down to do the update and adjustments.

Not really practical in this day of everyone working from home, but hopefully someday soon.

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Yeah, I fear that I would basically need to reinstall from scratch, as my setup is not dead simple, because I made use of VLANs to segment my home network into different security zones (like, I do not trust the PS4 and the television, so I put them on their own network etc.), and some other “advanced” things (igmpproxy, openvpn client…)

And as you say, for now I rely on the device for daily work from the home office.

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