Top five 2021 unsuccessful stories

Mine are these:

  1. TOS 3->5 upgrade not finished
  2. MOX still hangs
  3. U-boot wasn’t updated
  4. New SDIO limitations
  5. TOS 4/5 VLAN management

What are yours? Will 2022 be better? I believe in the best!

Viktor, welcome back!

Care to share some success stories as well?

Let’s not undervalue all the great work Turris team have done in the past year.

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Thank you. I agree with the great Turris team work. Top five success stories will come soon!


Sorry. :frowning: I can’t contribute in this thread :smile: . I always have only a positive solution to my problems (unless if it is a feature and but not a problem).

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I am still looking at IPsec: Configure IPsec VPN through uCI with Turris OS 5.3

I believe this will definitely work better after the OpenWRT upgrade next year :slight_smile:

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