Top five 2021 successful stories

Mine are these:

  1. TOS 3->5 migration patches and feedback
  2. TOS 5.2 and 5.3 releases
  3. TOS 6.0 preparation
  4. New Omnia prototype
  5. Kernel 5.10 early adoption

What are yours? Will 2022 be better? I believe in the best!


In Omnia land?

  • Running Kerberos on my Omnia to provide single sign on in my house unix devices
  • Setting up WireGuard so I can use my home broadband instead of dubious public WiFi
  • Hosting a small webapp written in go to allow friends to play lockdown parlour games
  • finally getting the ULA prefixes to go away I think) so my SIP phone can connect.
  • changing the colours on the LEDs?

Definitely WireGuard.
+1 from me.