Too much of socat

There seems to be quite some stale socat processes on my Omnia. All of them are waiting in select(), so they really do not produce additional load, but still this is consuming memory and pretty annoying.

Sometimes some of the processes seem to terminate, but overall there is more and more of them until I reboot:

The actual process executed is:

socat OPENSSL-LISTEN:6513,fork,method=TLS1.2,cert=/usr/share/nuci/tls/ca/nuci.cert,key=/usr/share/nuci/tls/ca/nuci.key,cafile=/usr/share/nuci/tls/ca/ca.cert,dhparam=/usr/share/nuci/tls/ca/dhparam.pem,reuseaddr,forever,pf=ip6,ipv6only=0

Any ideas how to debug or fix this?

This port (6513) and socat is using for conection Turris Android app (and olso maybe PC program Spectrator).
Yes styl is some glitch out about too long opens this ports, but it was worse.

check Turris mobile app - Android

Do you use Spectator or somethimg else from Foris?
Id liketo help you, but I miss some things.

Someone was faster than me. :frowning:

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I’ve installed Android app, so it indeed looks like known issue (I didn’t find it as I was searching for socat and not for nuci…):

…and indeed killing the Andoid app makes them disappear. Strange is that these sockets seem to survive even long intervals when phone is not on the network.

I’ve uninstalled the Android app as it’s apparently not getting anywhere near to what I hoped for.