TO 2GB with 1TB SSD

  • model #: CZ11NIC20

  • colour: black

  • manufacturer’s warranty: expired

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • WLan cards: 1 x Compex WLE900VX mini-PCIe & 1 x Compex WLE200N2 mini-PCIe

  • SSD: 1 x 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO mSATA (model # MZ-M6E1T0BW, type: V-NAND, r/w MB/s≈550 / 520)

  • delivery: pick-up (Hamburg, Germany) or shipment to buyer (with DHL incl. their transport insurance, import formalities at destination are buyer’s responsibility)

  • asking price: EURO 235 (incl. shipping cost for EU destinations)

  • payment: PayPal or bank transfer or cash

The device is fully functional and in good condition, interior been frequently cleaned with compressed air. The backside of the wall-mount shows scratches.

eMMC is pristine since kernel, apps, logs, swap and data been placed from the start on the SSD.

The SSD will be raw (wiped, un-formatted, un-partitioned) upon delivery. It (SSD) has clocked (as of this writing) 23,094 Power_On_Hours and 9,136,438,507 Total_LBAs_Written.

The device will be delivered with current TOS 5.1.4 installed on eMMC and factory settings.

In case of interest please send a forum PM.

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item sold …

Just curious: why are you getting rid of it?

OK, but do they ensuring ongoing security (not only) actualization? Just curious :wink: