Tinc VPN support

Are you going to support TINC VPN? Are you going to enable TINC settings within web GUI? Tinc is a full mash VPN solution.

I’m interested in this as well. Tinc is great.

There seems to be at least some support/adaption for Tinc on OpenWRT.

As a side node: I’ve seen quite a lot of requests to provide a package for software/feature X to run on the Turris. The team behind the Turris already committed to an enormous amount of work by creating a completely new HW product, adapting OpenWRT, providing a distributed FW, updates including all the backend and processes to implement and support all of that etc.

In my opinion at some point we, the community will have to take over in order to provide additional features. We could start with a “community-provided features” section in this forum where demand can meet supply and where w can start with identifying the most interesting projects.

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Right, I agree. Yes, there’s a Tinc support within the OpenWRT. I have my own Tinc packages running on OpenWRT instances for a few years. All our family Wi-Fi “islands” are behind OpenWRT and connected together over Tinc tunnels. So we can communicate all together over private network.

Did anyone get this to work yet? Can it be hacked in, or do we need Turris to support this?